back to article Android 2.0 delivered to developers

The creation of apps based on version 2.0 of the Android OS should be underway within days, because Google has finally released Éclair to developers. Éclair supersedes Donut – aka version 1.6 – and, to illustrate version 2.0’s new features, Google has published a demo video which takes both developers and future users of the …


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  1. IT specialist

    Google does what Microsoft is incapable of

    It's great to see all this competition in the mobile space. Google is pumping out the Android updates at amazing speed. It wasn't long ago we got 'cupcake', and now they've already got Eclair 2.0 finished.

    On the other side, we see Microsoft languishing, like a bird with broken wings, flapping around but unable to go anywhere. Unable to bring out updates to Windows Mobile in any reasonable time frame. Unable to incorporate digital zoom, gestures, or even multi-touch at an OS level. Unable to attract developers. It's obvious to all that Windows Mobile is already dead.

    So the interesting thing is that we're entering a brave new world of internet everywhere, in the palm of everyone's hand. It's a new era, and Microsoft has no part in it.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    It's all looking very good...

    Once this is running on a SnapDragon-powered device, the iPhone will have some much-needed competition.

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