back to article Galileo satellite fleet apparently reduced

Indications have emerged of possible delays or cuts to the European Galileo satellite navigation system. Orders for several satellites, expected to be placed this year, have been placed on indefinite hold. Galileo at present has only Galileo In-Orbit Validation Element (GIOVE) test sats in orbit, intended to prove the …


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  1. Julz Silver badge

    What About The Russians...

    There are also a few (18?) GLONASS satellites up there.

  2. Dale 3

    Dual system

    I predict that when/if Galileo does ever get off the ground (so to speak), once the dust settles the vast majority of receivers - excluding only the very cheapest most basic models - will feature dual receiver systems in order to have 60+ birds at their disposal. The radio side of the hardware is going to be more or less the same - it just needs to be able to handle all the different frequencies which is easy enough to accomplish if mobile phone technology is anything to go by. Thereafter it's all in the software to do the necessary decryption and triangulation.

  3. Gene Cash Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    the GPS pissing contest is expensive

    Basically Galileo is just an expensive way of saying "up yours" to the US DOD, and now that folks have far less money to hose around, it seems they're not quite so interested in running it down the drain over a point of pride/control.

    Which is kind of sad, because even as a US resident, I feel GPS is far too "single point of failure" right now and I'd like to have choices. It's still a good idea.

  4. Grumpytom
    Big Brother

    Back in the box

    Good news, this will put the planned snoopers back in their box. It's only flying to get around the US laws that prevent their system being used to track, tax and incriminate.

    The would if they could , they will if they can.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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