back to article Google limbers up for Windows 7 with Apps billboard onslaught

Google is doing its utmost to piss on Microsoft’s chips ahead of the official 22 October launch of Windows 7, by expanding its “Going Google” campaign to lure customers away from the software giant. Until recently Mountain View has characteristically shied away from marketing its products by splashing flashy ads on billboards …


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  1. Lionel Baden

    wut ?!


    Gmail and more," said Oliveri and Leung.


    dont they mean (stupidlylongannoyingdomainname)

    ahhh i like my gmail account. Go suck you long named slow coaches !!!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The biggest ad agency using physical billboards?

    Whatever next? Google advertises in newspapers, radio, TV? Do they not believe enough in their own hugely successful digital platform to spread their message?

    Careful they don't send the wrong message to their advertisers.

    Meanwhile traditional (some declining) platforms enjoy a boost from this campaign.

  3. Graham Bartlett

    Handy having Rentokil on board

    You know, in case you've got bugs you need sorting out...

  4. K Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    RE: take your seats in the arena, audience - this is truly game on.

    .. your a little late, we're already into round 5!

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    Cloud backup

    The good thing about the google offering, both paid and free, is that you get access to your data over different open protocols (and also activesync for good measure). This means that you can easily have a local copy of all your data. If you ever needed to it is probably a lot easier to move away from google apps then the Microsoft exchange/sharepoint stack.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, apart from their launch!

    "Until recently Mountain View has characteristically shied away from marketing its products by splashing flashy ads on billboards."

  7. unbiased_view

    Google Postini != Google Apps

    Some of those companies allegedly using Google Apps (eg. Heinz) appear to be using the Postini email virus and spam filtering service. By Google's own classification, Postini does not enter the product category of Google Apps (source: Presenting the Postini service as a Google App in your article and associating it with 2 million businesses smacks of uninformed journalism.

  8. Originone

    Big business?

    "Google Apps is now powering two million businesses used by 20 million people in 40 languages worldwide, the company pronounced."

    Assuming all the people using google apps are using it in a business context the average number of employees per business is 10. And how many 1 person businesses must there be for every Konica Minolta to keep that average. Its hardly proof that google apps has cracked the private sector.

    @AC "Do they not believe enough in their own hugely successful digital platform to spread their message?"

    I suspect google putting contextual adds for google apps next to searches for office/exchange/microsoft would result in lawyers and lots of them.

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    Google Docs is not ready for mainstream

    I'd like to see figures of how many of the Google Apps users also use MS Office. I wouldn't be surprised if it is somewhere near 99% of business users. I LOVE google docs to collaborate with others on really small and simple documents. BUT for larger documents, it is confusing because you don't know which parts others are working on simultaneously, and it is lacking the Word features we've got so used to and comfy with such as change tracking, comments, multi column documents, ..., etc. I'm curious to see the Office 2010 Cloud solution, and I hope that it will be a lot more convenient than docs.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Hmmmmm ONline is just so ungay

    I LIKE the idea of online apps, BUT I also am a firm believer in fundamentals like having dirt under ones feet, when the branch breaks.

    I mean the internet is only good, while it is working - And the last time a contractor with a back hoe, dug up an optic fiber cable in Australia I think several cities were out for a week.....

    So unless there is a hard copy of the software to do it ALL on my HDD, and the "document" is not lodged insitu, then we ain't going to dance on that platform.

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