back to article El Reg launches 'Skinny Fit' fashion range

We're delighted to announce today the launch of our "Skinny Fit" range of clothes, seen modelled here by the lovely Filippa for a forthcoming international poster campaign: Our Stick Insect Skinny Fit poster Please note that this image has not been digitally manipulated in any way. Filippa is a healthy and beautiful young …


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  1. Svantevid
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    Lester, if you were a woman I'd marry you. Or if I was a woman.

    Failing that, I'd marry our fine, fine Moderatrix but my wife would kill me... so let me just thank you for making me giggle insanely.

  2. Hugh_Pym
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    not photoshopped?

    You can tell this image has not been under the manipulators knife because her teeth and eyes are not massive and an unnaturally (and quite scary if you met her in real life) white.

  3. Chris Bradshaw

    No good

    How come she doesn't look like a stick insect carrying two watermelons??

  4. Lutin


    Dude, her eybrows are bigger than her pelvis!

  5. Mike Richards Silver badge

    Very convincing

    Although probably a bit too substantial for Ralph Lauren.

  6. Jamie Jones Silver badge
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    haha nice one Mr. Haines!

  7. Alfonso Vespucci
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    She's hot.

  8. Simon Langley

    Why oh why...

    I am baffled as to why the fashion industry appears so fixated on anorexic women. I have discussed this subject with a lot of my male friends and of the two of them who say they like slim (not skinny) women, one is gay and the other bisexual (the gay one obviously didn't like women quite as much as some of my other friends). All of the rest of us (and that certainly includes me) like women to look like women not like little boys.

    Until recently I had always thought this was just an odd curiousity but it never bothered me. However, I now have a 4 year old daughter, and the thought that she would ever feel under pressure to look like she hadn't eaten for three months and was days from death is genuinely disturbing.

    Come on fashionistas - sort yourselves out and get some real women on the front covers of your vacuous magazines and catalogues.

  9. Mark 91

    Her wrist?

    What's wrong with it? It doesn't look like it's been broken off and sewn back on sideways and upsidedown.

  10. tim 13
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    FAT writ


  11. Elmer Phud Silver badge
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    Photoshop or hot air gun?

    Didn't Playmobil folks get a bit agitated when someone physically altered a few charcters?

    Anyway, well done but you can't also claim to have got to Donna Versace. She may look Photoshopped but it's real-life adulteration there.

  12. Dave Murray
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    Brilliant! (as ever)

  13. dunncha

    Is this Pseudo-porn?

    This image looks like it has been posed to be sexual evocative and that girl is certainly not over 18 in years or weigh.

    You people are sick sick sick

  14. Jolyon Ralph

    But where is the manchester airport X-Ray version?

    Missed opportunity!!!

  15. Identity


    You should know that here in the God-fearin' US of A, even digital representations are punishable!

  16. Svantevid

    @ Simon Langley

    "Until recently I had always thought this was just an odd curiousity but it never bothered me. However, I now have a 4 year old daughter, and the thought that she would ever feel under pressure to look like she hadn't eaten for three months and was days from death is genuinely disturbing."

    Same here. I'd rather have my (also 4 year old) daughter looking like Kelly Osbourne than Keira Knightley... or even skinnier.

    Anyway... El Reg, are you actually paying Mr. Haines to have so much fun? :-)

  17. Anonymous Coward

    @ Lutin

    Ralph Lauren's wallet is bigger than her pelvis.

    I am minded of a quotation by the greatest philosopher of the 20th century. When asked why he gave his kids ugly names like Moon Unit and Dweezil he simply replied "Consider for a moment any beauty in the name Ralph".

  18. Reallydo Wannaknow
    Black Helicopters

    I know why they fixate on anorexics ...

    It's simple ... Woman looks at ad, thinks she's a big fat cow by comparison. Woman is unhappy. DING! Unhappy consumers spend lots more. Think I'm kidding? Then why do alcohol ads use all kinds of tricks, including subliminal advertising, to make people unhappy? There was one notorious print advert from Heinekin, looked inncoent, showed a bottle, a wheel of cheese, sitting on a butcher block table. Carved into the wood, faintly, on one side, were the words "be sad".

    Women unhappy with the way they look? Go shopping, you'll feel better. Buy our clothes, they'll make you beautiful ... oops, you're too fat. Buy more clothes ...

    Vicious circle! And Ralph Lauren chortles with evil glee all the way to the bank.

  19. Luther Blissett

    But Paris has a Piglette!

    Folks, remember the sage advice: never buy anything until it gets to version 3. Come on.

  20. Mark McC
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    Good to see some real female body images

    You can tell it's genuine. Look at her skin tone - it's much more natural and has less of a plasticy airbrushed look than those models you see in the pages of fashion magazines.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    This looks shopped

    i can tell from the pixels and by having seen quite a few shops in my time

  22. BlueGreen

    you can tell it's not a real model

    She's smiling.

    Going by the evidence, that's verboten. The Screw You look is in, Daaaaaaaaaahling.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    new keyboard please!

    I, for one, welcome our new stick insect overlords.

    Just had to pull up my saved copy of the Moderatrix to see what a real woman looks like.

    Sorry, I'll be busy for a while now.

  24. LaeMi Qian Silver badge


    ...I think "fashion" rags should be under-the-counter-sold-in-brown-paper-bag material. Forget soft porn mags* -- THESE are what is damaging to women.

    I suggest a gulag be created from which all such fashion designers must work. The hunger pains will be good for their art.


    *going by the porno mags my brother kept through his teen years, I didn't really see anything degrading to women in the paper-shop nuddie mags - just nudity, which is natural. The "men's" mags that are not explicitly porno are much worse for attitudes to women (possibly this is more so in Australia which has a noticeable us-and-them gender divide enforced from both sides). Men's mags are still not a touch on the "fashion" rags, though, if only because the misogyny of the former is laughably obvious.

  25. Craig 28

    @Simon Langley, bisexual

    Why the hell does it make a difference in this context if one is bisexual? I understand your reasoning about one being gay thus doesn't really count in terms of sexual attraction, but I'm sure there are plenty of bisexual men who don't like particularly small women. When it comes to sexual tastes within the female gender bisexual men aren't really going to be any different to straight men now are they? Just as bisexual women won't have a different range of tastes in men to straight women.

    Get a f***ing clue and realise that sexual orientation *only* affects the gender of your attraction. Bisexual men are just straight men that are attracted to other men as well, gay men are straight men who are attracted to men instead of women. I'm sure plenty of gay men love football, and plenty of straight men (well some anyway) can't stand it. Personally I can't stand sport. That is nothing to do with any orientation I may or may not have.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Craig 28

    Err, now I am confused. I am a bisexual man who hates football, dislikes stick thin women. Toned flesh is wonderful, sticky-out bones less so. Healthy people, of either gender, are a lot nicer.

  27. Rex Alfie Lee

    Simon Langley, bisexual reply

    Actually Simon, gay men aren't straight men who are attracted to the same sex. By definition they are not straight, they are gay. Gay men are not straight, straight men are not gay.

    Repeat after me, "The gay man is not a straight man". Also, a bisexual man is not a straight man who also likes men. A bisexual man is not straight because he is attracted to men as well. That makes him not straight.

    This is just your own confusion about your own state because around straight men you want to be seen as straight but around gay men you want to get laid. That makes you bisexual, not straight.

    Just because you like the football in the company of boofheads doesn't mean that you are straight, nor them. They're watching other boofheads running around in tight shorts, so perhaps you are all a bit gay.

    Now me, I like penguins.

  28. Simon Langley

    @Rex Alfie Lee

    There seems to be a degree of confusion over who said what here.

    I appear to have rubbed Craig 28 up the wrong way with my initial comment (see "Why oh why" above), but you should have directed your remarks to Craig 28 not me. Particularly the remark about football; Craig 28 may like football, but I'm with you, I prefer penguins.

  29. Jesthar


    Incidentally, did you know that the leading cause of death among fashion models is falling through street grates?

    According to the magnificent Dave Barry, anyway... ;),7034323

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