back to article Wi-Fi Alliance readies peer-to-peer wireless tech

Peer-to-peer, personal area Wi-Fi, anyone? That's what the Wi-Fi Alliance will soon be touting, pitching a direct-connection extension of the WLAN technology as an alternative not only to Bluetooth but also Wireless USB. The WFA said yesterday that it was "nearing completion" of the specification, though it doesn't expect to …


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  1. sandman


    I for one will welcome the death of bluetooth, please make it happen, quickly would be good.

  2. john.w

    Wi-Fi Direct

    There will be no need for another Wi-Fi radio, the spec requires that a device can maintain a link an Access Point whilst also running as the group owner or member of a Wi-Fi Direct link.

  3. Mage Silver badge

    Peer to peer

    But all WiFi devices support Peer to peer in the spec now...

    What will be different?

  4. Steven Hunter


    I believe that the idea is that it won't suck. But we'll see.

  5. Jimmy Floyd
    Thumb Up

    Impressive potential

    If this works as intended it could be magic. But, as Mage has inteferred, will the only thing that's different be a far more direct intention to link devices?

  6. SlabMan


    "how devices can discover nearby compatible gadgets and negotiate connections with them while hiding the complexity from users"

    Bonjour! - otherwise known as Zeroconf. Or 'Bonjour matelot' if your name is Kenneth Williams.

  7. Dale 3

    @Steven Hunter

    It's a shame really that more technology creators don't include "does not suck" in their design specifications.

    Perhaps it's time to launch a "Does Not Suck" certification programme, complete with a nice fancy logo and a sticker to go on the box. (I imagine the logo would have to be self-certificated.) Anyone want to have a go at it?

  8. Lou Gosselin

    @Does not suck

    I think that's a good idea.

    A does not suck certification program could help counter the crap quality products we're seeing so much of these days.

    I'd pay a few bucks more for a does not suck brand, unless it's a vacuum cleaner.

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