back to article China bans foreign investment in online video games

China has banned foreigners from investing in the country's online games industry "in any form," as a way to restrict content that censors have deemed unhealthy to the public. A mandate released over the weekend by the General Administration of Press and Publication and the National Copyright Administration said oversees …


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  1. Inachu


    Screenshot please!

    When I was in china last year WOW looked 100% the same.

    I just wonder if it changed in anyway since then.


    Nihao gold farmers!

  2. Lupus

    They have WoW already...

    ... nothing much else is needed, surely?

  3. Nick 6

    But how

    will I get a job as a gold farmer once the greedy corporate pigs have shipped my job over there?

    yo ho ho, etc.

  4. Brian Miller

    All your yuan are belong to us

    Gee, for some funny reason China has this had one-way investment policy. Now China has erected a great wall of investment. Next, the online gaming companies will be subsumed under a government agency. Yep, they are really embracing capitalism. Right...

  5. Reg Sim


    I belive Eve-Online (ie CCP) has been in china for awhile.... I wonder if it will effect them and if so will it impact there bottom line to the point where projects are pushed back such as there upcomming FPS Dust 512?

    hope not.

    Grenade, because this is what most developers inside and outside the country feel like they got from the chinese government.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How long till our nanny state government follows China up on this idea, I mean we're already wanting a great british firewall and they really want 24x7 monitoring of all citizens.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Sounds OK!

    Actually sounds like a good idea! While I accept that development is expensive and funds need to be found for games, I am sick of playing games that have a constant stream of ads in them from Coke to Firestone! You name it, there's usually some very subtle, brick-in-the-face type ad-board in there some where!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Now if we could only our govs...

    to ban the import of Chinese products that negatively affect our liefstyles.

  9. James O'Brien

    @Sounds OK!

    Really? Ads everywhere? I havent seen any subtle ones and I play alot of games. The ones I do see are from sponsors of the game and tbh I really dont give a damn if they are there or not. So long as they dont crash the game or have adverts in between levels Im cool with it.

  10. raving angry loony

    fair play

    Excellent idea. Next step, banning anyone in China from playing ANY MMORG not based in China. Maybe get a few less farmers that way. Be a hoot if the next Chinese revolution was started by MMORG farmers this time.

  11. wv9e


    I say cut the whole country off...... slam the networks closed on them. We don't need China.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Cut 'em off

    Let them have their own 'internet'.

    Less crap spewing from China = good.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Well I doubt eve will suffer as they have dedicated chinnese servers, users, and support staff and there is nothing dodgy about spaceships.

    Wow suffered because the undead were showing bones........

    Wonder how this will effect the fantasty gold / isk / etc market.

  14. Dave Murray

    @Reg Sim

    Even if this does shut down the Chinese EVE server it won't effect CCP's bottom line. They have a tiny number of players over there and tbh shutting down that server will probably save them money.

  15. Budley.Sama

    @ Sounds OK

    I don't mind advertising (within reason) in games, take a look at battlefield 2142, it's an FPS set in various made up ruined cities and strewn around those cities are billboard which have shown anything from core duo adds to new albums. As long as they aren't full page adds or obtrusive then im happy for a games company fund servers with ad money, the game is free to play (once you have paid for the game ofc) i wouldn't like it in any subscription based game tho.

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