back to article Lunar ice-mine pole prang probe looking good, says NASA

NASA's mission to crash a spent rocket stage and a following survey craft into a dark crater at the Moon's south pole is now in its final stages. The empty Centaur upper-stage booster has now successfully separated from the LCROSS probe-craft and the two are plunging down toward the lunar antarctic. Here's a rather groovy vid …


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  1. Winkypop Silver badge
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    Does this count...

    As another moon landing?

    Or is a landing only something you could (theoretically) walk away from?

    Yay for NASA.

  2. Andus McCoatover
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    Kudos, NASA

    Superb video. May you crash and burn (successfully!). I can see the moon at the moment, even tho' it's daylight*. I'll look for a small wobble at 12:31.

    *My ex. didn't believe that you can see the moon in daylight. After 45 years, she STILL thought it was just a cloud....

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Did that title make sense to anyone?

  4. frank ly Silver badge

    @AC 10:13

    "Did that title make sense to anyone?"

    Yes. It's highly compressed english, a parody of the style used by tabloid newspapers; used here for humerus effect.

    Get with it.

  5. Mike Tree
    Paris Hilton

    That was.......

    a bit of an anti-climax

    (Paris, 'cos she knows all about climaxes)

  6. Sordid Details


    Has anyone warned the Clangers?

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