back to article Orange picks Milton Keynes for flagship store

Orange is about to open a "digital playground" flagship store in Milton Keynes, offering early access to Motorola's DEXT handset and a bouncy floor among other delights. Flagship stores are nothing new, but Orange reckons it's outdone the competition by providing cinema-style seating for the 70-inch screen showing adverts for …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    "One more reason to relocate"

    ... from Milton Keynes.

    Why would I ever want to visit an Orange store?

  2. TeeCee Gold badge
    Thumb Down

    My idea.

    '....."what symbolises Milton Keynes" photograph pool....'

    I'm thinking that a fisheye lens picture of a battery chicken warehouse with a huge pile of steaming manure in the middle of the central floor would be about right.

  3. Andy Livingstone

    What a Team

    They truly deserve one another.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    missed the point entirely

    If the problem has been the disconnect between sales and operations, then making the sales even more shiny and glossy is not going to change anything for the consumer.

    Now they are going to be even more disjointed between an apple-like retail experience but then a mobile phone contract to reward them... its kind of like waking up having signed a marriage contract with a wildebeast .... "but the shop was really nice and hi-tech, yet now i am left with a sh**y orange contract and restricted phone*"

    *cos orange ALWAYS restrict their phones.

  5. Paul 131

    ulterior motives...

    iPhone launch site?

  6. john loader

    Suicide risk inMK?

    With the news about Orange's ownes, France Telecom. expect Milton Keynes residents to suicide. Having been there though can't blame Orange

  7. SlabMan

    Good idea.

    Every brand needs a geographical location that matches its character.

    Apple = San Francisco

    Linux = Glastonbury

    Microsoft = ... Drat! Orange has already taken Milton Keynes.

  8. MissABJx
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    What a waste of money Orange!!!

    Ok so basically Orange are making a store for all the chavs & kids to sit in when its chucking it down with rain & how can you possible think in a store with that much noise & get the right fone for you & the right contract. I think its a waste of money & to much of a copy on Apple! cant think of something new Orange?

  9. exit...quit...bye...quitbye.ctrl-C..ctrlX.ctrl-alt-X...aarrrr*slam*
    Paris Hilton

    Milton Keynes is a real place?

    So Milton Keynes actually does exist? I always thought this to be one of the better english insider jokes.

  10. TeeCee Gold badge

    Re: Milton Keynes is a real place?

    I think that the best summing up ever was in Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's "Good Omens", where both the Angelic and Demonic protagonists claimed responsibility for it although neither had actually been involved and this revelation came with a footnote: "Note for Americans and other foreigners. Milton Keynes is a town slightly north of London which is designed to be the perfect place to live. Enough said."

    Something like that anyway. I've just found that my sixth bloody copy has failed to return from whoever I leant it to.

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