back to article Chinese media finger Swedish lesbian enclave

Chinese media have confirmed what we in the West suspected all along: that concealed in the northern Swedish woods is a city of 25,000 women, many of whom have turned to Sapphic love to satiate their natural Scandinavian sexual desires. According to news agancy Xinhua, the all-female enclave is called “Chako Paul City”, and …


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  1. P.Nutt
    Thumb Up

    I am stepping outside....I may be sometime.

    If an expedition is being planned I am willing to volunteer my services, Even at the risk of a good beating from the lesbians and no doubt another good kicking from the girlfriend when I get back home.

    This mythical place must be found :-)

  2. Richard 39

    simply way to find out

    Google earth it and see if its true

  3. eJ2095


    Theres no Google Earth link??

    Am very saddened by this..

    But on a lighter note i think we should start an expedition there for "Scientific purposes"

  4. dunncha

    I found this place

    Its tricky because it only appears between the hours of 12.00 and 06.00 and only when the wife is asleep.

    ohh sorry I'm asleep as well.

    i'll get my coat.....

  5. DavCrav Silver badge

    'Fraid not...

    Having been up in northern Sweden a few times, (to Umeå and Luleå mostly) I can confirm that there is snow and lots of trees, and semi-permanent roads etched onto frozen rivers, but no lesbian cities...

  6. Ian 11


    What was the source of this story? When you say "the Chinese media" which Chinese media would that be?

    I'd just kind of like to see this in it's original context!

  7. TeeCee Gold badge

    Question for the Tourist board.

    '..... risk being “beaten half to death” by Nordic gender police.......'

    Is that a chargeable extra or does it come as part of the package?

  8. Jay Castle

    A canoeing trip to Northern Sweden

    Blonde Sentry: "Welcome, weary traveller, to Chako Paul City. Please, come inside where you can rest and fulfill your every......hang on, are you a man?!"

    Traveller: "Of course I'm not a man. Look at my artfully applied make-up and my beautiful brown curls. And this unsightly bulge 'tis merely a canoe in my pocket. May I enter now?"

    Blonde Sentry (doubtful): "That's one helluva canoe! And why are you carrying several pots of baby oil and those large rubber, funny-shaped sticks? Are you sure you're not a man?"


  9. frank ly
    Thumb Up

    Pah, this is nothing

    This story is pretty mild compared to most of my fantasies.

    (Congratulations to El Reg headline writers, keep it up)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    I'd like to volunteer

    To record the above expedition on video, photograph, mobile phone and i-pod mediums for the good of scientific communities the world of charge as it's for the good of mankind :)

  11. scottboy
    Thumb Up

    Fingering again

    You've done that particular play on words quite recently - can we have a bit of variety please? Do Swedes refer to a large built-up area in the wilderness to a big spread in the bush? That should give you something to get you going.

    It's also a shame you didn't give a link to the area on Google Earth. As this sounds like the ultimate seat of female pleasure, you need to give us blokes an awful lot of assistance in finding it. Drawing a map would be a good start.

    I'm sure the lovelies in Sweden will appreciate a thumbs-up.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...sounds like the perfect location for the next James Bond movie!

  13. Grozbat
    IT Angle

    Partly true

    Actually there is a village, where an aquaintance of mine lives here in the south of Sweden, where about 38% of the population are lesbian.

    The village only has 8 houses though, and 3 lesbians.

  14. Count Ludwig

    @fingering again

    Yes, I thought that expression was rather close to the knuckle...

  15. LuMan
    Paris Hilton

    Er.. Any chance....

    ..of a Playmobil realisation of this report..?

    It's been a dry week!

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Capital idea

    I propose a Reg funded expedition. I suggest we bring the Moderatrix along to curry favour with the guards, or perhaps mealy distract them, so that we may slip into the city unnoticed.

    No, it's OK. I can show myself out.

  17. Christoph Silver badge

    Which agancy?

    Has this so-reliable agency by any chance also reported the discovery of a World War II bomber on the Moon?

  18. Yorkshirepudding

    Snu Snu!

    anybody remember the planet amazonia from futurama

    eeek broken pelvis

  19. Stu

    Okay chaps.

    Important mission coming up -,20.55542&spn=3.513684,10.83252&z=7

    Switch to satellite view and get searching. I'll start in sector G.

    After some candidate sites have been pinpointed will come the flight and bus travel bookings for about 5.000 horny gentlemen. And don't forget your woman disguises for those sentries.

    Chop chop.

    Jolly good.

  20. King John
    Thumb Up


    I volunteer to see how good their woodworking skills are.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @ Richard 39

    Google Street View would be my choice ;0)

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Frank Ly

    "This story is pretty mild compared to most of my fantasies."

    But does it have more of a plot?

    Personally, I think this is brilliant premise for a pulp novel. But I fear that it would be a hard path (fnarr fnarr) in writing to tread between a disappointed reader and getting a publisher.

  23. This post has been deleted by its author

  24. Graham Marsden

    Is there...

    ... a Chinese version of Wikipeidia which was the source of this report...?

  25. foo_bar_baz
    Thumb Down

    @Ian 11

    Google turns out lots of results with references to articles in Harbin News and the Xinhua news agency, but I can't find any original articles. They all point to The Local.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    @ Source?

    I'd like to know too. It's asking to be part of a scambait.

  27. Scott 19


    Just stand at the side of the road and follow the trucks and trucks of choclate and elongated shaped vegtables.

    Yer, yer i'm going.

  28. John Angelico

    In English it's called...

    Castle Adamant, and is owned and run by a lady known as Princess Ida!

  29. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Okay chaps.

    Important mission coming up -


    Chop chop.

    I'd rather not, if *that*'s necessary thanks. Ouch.

  30. Anonymous John

    Monty Python got it right then.

    I cut down trees. I wear high heels,

    Suspendies, and a bra.

  31. Luther Blissett

    Comments going off half cocked

    @ foo_bar_baz > Google turns out lots of results with references to articles in Harbin News and the Xinhua news agency, but I can't find any original articles. They all point to The Local.

    The local errr gossip? watering hole? shaman? shawoman? supermarket? weather forecast? (Soft. Engs. only) e?

    @John Angelico > Castle Adamant, and is owned and run by a lady known as Princess Ida!

    I presume you meant to give her full name Princess Idaluvarideon-Thatt.

  32. Paul 37

    I'm not going

    Think about it

    1. Everything would be your fault

    2. Guess who'd have to put out all the bins ?

  33. The Metal Cod

    A good beating by lesbians?

    Count me in for that! Better start packing some chocolate for arrival there....

    /gets coat with "Cover me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians" on the back

  34. Captain DaFt

    I agree with Paul 37

    Why would I want to sneak into a town where all the women aren't interested in me?

    Now... If you find a village of nymphomaniacs that've sequestered themselves away because they can't control themselves around men, then I'll lay in supplies of vitamins, Red Bull, Viagra, and plenty of fluids, then be on my way at once! (It may kill me, but who wants to live forever?)

    That's me in the icon, getting the keys to the lorry full of condoms!

  35. raving angry loony


    How about a link to the original article? Otherwise it's just made-up nonsense, and I can get that kind of crap from the Daily Mail.

  36. foo_bar_baz

    @Luther Blisset

    With all due respect: you, esteemed sir, are going off half cocked. Both the El Reg article and my comment refer to The Local (see, capitalized), which is the origin of this story. What The Local is local to, I can only guess. (Sweden, or a part thereof?)

    Here's the URL again, so craftily hidden at the top of my previous post:

    The article in The Local does have a screenshot with an attribution to Now looking for a Chinese speaker to give us the details.

  37. copsewood
    Dead Vulture

    slow news day

    Journalists with column inches to fill. Move along - nothing to see here.

  38. Anonymous Coward

    @grozbat - three?

    Thats one unlucky third girl - or is this more interesting than it deserves to be?

  39. Meph

    Are there any...

    In the spirit of those masters of comedy:

    'Are there any men here today?!?'

    Gruffly: 'No, no err...'

    High Pitched: 'No no no..'

    'sokay, I never took mine off :P

  40. ratfox Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    Err.... The article in Xinhua news, I mean... Not the city...


    Here it is (Google translations is your friend):

    Not only it is still on the site, it can still be found using the search tool from the main site. This is from the site of the Jiangxi branch, Jiangxi being the local equivalent of Arkansas.

    The Chinese Wikipedia does have a page on the city, but it is denying its existence:

    But who are you going to believe, the glorious communist media, or a western fake encyclopedia?

    By the way, a Google search for 沙科保 (the name of the city in Chinese) returns 61'000 sites, quite a few being news site. This is not a recent story.

  41. foo_bar_baz
    Thumb Up


    Awesome. Not surprisingly the author of the original article is "Min Chun (intern)".

    The second article on that page is just as good. If I can interpret the translation correctly, the people of Martinique never bend over to pick up anything, even valuable items. This is because French invaders used to "Sri Lanka disgrace them" (sounds horrible) and ride the people like horses. After a brave individual threw off his French rider they decided never to bend over for anyone or anything.

  42. Frank Bitterlich
    Paris Hilton


    ... or it didn't happen!

    Paris, because... well, isn't that obvious?

  43. Nick Pettefar

    Lesbians (a primer)

    Lesbians prefer women as sexual partners, obviously. Why would any men want to go there?

    It's difficult enough to find straight women to go to bed with, never mind women that aren't sexually attracted to men!

    Whenever I hear about men being excited about lesbians I wonder about their mental processes.

    Bi-sexual women who are into open-arrangements on the other-hand are to be sought...

  44. Jamie 19
    Paris Hilton

    Very Poor JOURNALISM

    Where is the photos of this fantastic city?

  45. ThomasF
    Big Brother

    World Wide Linked Secret Lesbian Sin Cities

    The Irish Media are reporting a secret village in Kerry of Naked Lesbian Leprecauhns who it has emerged voted for the EU Lesbian Treaty.

    UK media are reporting the uncovering of a Secret Lesbian City with Nordic Gender Police-womans near Newcastle but not as far south as Sunderland.

    There are reports from the Oz media that no such Secret Cities exist near Sydney (Blue Mountains?) or even Perth (But they would say that the Chauvinistic Bastards)

    Though a Secret Pert Naked Lesbian City would do no end of good to the turist trade.

    As it seems to have done for the frozen wastes of Sweden:+]

    For more on this breaking story just contact your local media mogul

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No wonder they can't find it - It's the wrong country!

    If you look up "The Local" Swedens English Language News website...

    The picture is definitely an example of Scottish Baronial, circa 1880s. So it's no wonder the Swedes are baffled. Probably the real location are the forests west of Inverness, and the women probably keep Nessie as a pet!

  47. uncle sjohie

    I have been there

    Having flown to Ornskoldsvik with the SAS, I now know why the stewardess was such a tall blond woman wearing knee-high leather boots. I was one of the guardians!

  48. alien anthropologist

    I'll pass...

    .. on trying to find this enclave.

    It is a known fact that a group of women living together have sync'ed cycles.

    Now imagine a whole town.. where every single person.. every one of 25 000... have PMS.

    And we blokes can scarcely deal with one.

    No thanks.

    Mine's the one with "The Male Survival Guide" in the pocket.

  49. norm

    Green Dam

    the end is neigh

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