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Apple’s decision not to add a camera to the latest version of the iPod Touch disappointed a lot of people, but at least the 32GB and 64GB models received a new processor that gives the device more potential as a games machine. The iPod Shuffle didn’t even get that. However, Apple did announce some minor changes to the Shuffle …


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  1. Greg J Preece


    Not being able to browse your music would annoy me a little, though I could accept that as part of the point, but not being able to use my own headphones (or pay through the nose Apple-style for some Approved Listening Devices)? Get stuffed. Never in a million years. Apple's headphones are shite, the others will be prohibitively expensive. I'll keep my Shures, TYVM.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    15% off cos of that?

    Am I the only person who thinks there's nothing at all wrong with Apple's headphones? Or the Mighty Mouse for that matter.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    You can get a USB stick MP3 player off ebay for less that half that price that has the same features/size plus an LCD screen AND is compatible with your own choice of headphones. Why does anyone buy these things?!

  4. philyboy1

    Just one problem....

    Or maybe two.

    1) Sweat gets into the mechanism on the earphones. After about 30 mins of working out / running the volume starts to shoot up or down and skip tracks. When the sweat drys out the headphones start working again, until eventually they break :-( I am on my 2nd pair and know two other people on 3 or 4 pairs with the same problem.

    2) There are not really many alternative ear phones. When running the standard earphones tend to slip out of the ear. I would therefore not say the device is perfect for jogging / exercise which is a great shame.

    Apart from this I love mine!


  5. kempsy

    Can't change earphones easily - Fail

    I like my old 2G version of the shuffle precisly because it would allow me to change headphones easily to suit the activity I was doing.

    Limiting this ability, or making it too expensive with an after market add-on, just seems to be an epic design failure to me.

    Hopefully they will make the future 4G version more like the 2G version.

  6. LuMan

    2G Sill Good For Me

    I bought one of the 2G clip jobbies when it came out. Still works perfectly and the earbuds stay put in my ears (so long as I put the foam covers on).

    TBH when I'm jogging or at the gym there's that much exterior noice (traffic, sweaty meat-heads, whatever crappy music station the gym plays at 150db) that pretty much any quality of headphones will do. No need to upgrade.

    On the whole my 2G is still cracking so I can't see me upgrading until something super-fab comes along.

  7. Giles Jones Gold badge


    You are missing the point, it's a tiny little player for jogging and the like. Are you really going to faff with a screen and buttons when running along? maybe if you like treading in dog dirt, running into lampposts or getting run over.

  8. Ed

    Apple's headphones

    I find the sound quality of Apple's headphones fine for what I use them for. I'd like them to be louder, and I also find they break very frequently. I've been through 4 pairs in the last year and a half, which is ridiculous!

    Any recommendations for cheap, well made headphones would be welcome!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Stocking filler !!! lol

    "Shuffle should still sell well as a stocking filler for younger children"

    At £60 i think this isnt classed as a stocking filler unless of course you come from a wealthy family. Why pay £60 for this piece of fashion when there are tons of products that do the same thing for more then half the cost.

  10. richard 69
    Jobs Halo

    mighty mouse?

    ok, you said it. i originally liked the MM, but the scroll ball IS too small and gets clogged up too easily. i took mine apart and cleaned it but weeks later, it was clogged again. now back to my microsoft mouse!!! yikes...

    oh and the previous square clip-on shuffle was better, and took any headphones

  11. netean

    I just don't get it

    £45 for a 2gb MP3 player ! why would anyone pay that kind of money for that kind of functionality.

    Just seen a similar player 2gb, clip (no screen) for £14 online.

    If you're looking for a 2gb player with no ability to control what you play (ala shuffle) then there are seriously cheaper (and better) alternatives out there. Ones that don't tie you down to using poxy iTunes as well.

  12. Lord Elpuss Silver badge


    "Apart from this I love mine!"

    Reminds me of the old quote "Apart from that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?"

  13. T.F. The Magnificent, Flying Trapeze Gumby Brothers and Furniture Removals.


    The volume controls on the ear phones is one reason why I'll stick with my 2nd gen shuffle.

    I use a FM transmitter and my old shuffle in car, and its perfect for the job. I can easily flick to the next track whist not distracted by a display.

    No reason for me to upgrade then.

    In general, this years crop of ipods reeks of fail.

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