back to article Bulk of Companies Act finally rolled out

Most of the 2006 Companies Act will finally come into force on Thursday, when 550 sections of the massive Act are implemented, leaving only a handful of sections to be enacted. The Companies Act was the biggest single piece of UK legislation ever passed and its introduction has been staged over three years. Almost all of its …


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  1. Greg J Preece

    Perfect timing

    I closed my part-time company down in August. Dodged a bullet there!

  2. N2 Silver badge

    58 new forms for companies house

    Yet another avalanche of meaningless crap heaped upon business in the form of 'red tape'

    whoopee, I can hardly wait

  3. Ray Foulkes

    Another step along the way

    to red-tape reduction for small businesses?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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