back to article Mozilla cracks on with fourth Thunderbird 3 beta

Mozilla has pushed out a big update to its Thunderbird 3 beta build, which now comes with a new search feature and improved Gmail integration. The fourth beta of Thunderbird 3, which is the Firefox browser maker’s desktop email client, is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Mozilla’s mail client now comes with a “ …


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  1. Jeremy 2

    "Smart inboxes"

    Sounds suspiciously like the Global Inbox feature that Thunderbird has always had from day one.

    Hopefully they've fixed the annoying regressions that they managed to introduce in b3 that were not in b2...

  2. BlueGreen

    fix the bugs

    last tbird upgrade I did trashed my downloaded nntp messages. I suspect too that some emails vanished. Get it reliable, then add stuff. In that order. Oh yes, and backend it to a proper DB, preferably user-selectable.

  3. captain veg

    Yes, but

    Can it connect to Exchange 2007 over MAPI or HTTP? Can I finally be rid of this piece of poo named Outlook and suppress the dreadful memories?


  4. Anonymous Coward

    Love my Thunderbird

    And welcome my new Thunderbird overlords.

  5. spam 1

    @Jeremy 2 - global inboxes

    Actually I believe it's a summary view across all of your inboxes, as opposed to global inbox which just stores everything.

  6. Steve 72


    Our servers are too restricted to allow configuration outside of Outlook 2007 (as in no POP3, no IMAP). Mozilla needs to incorporate an easy to configure (exisiting webmail and webmail-owa plugins do not work with our system) OWA setup and I'll be using Thunderbird once more.

  7. ZenCoder

    Thunderbird + Gmail + IMAP = :)

    Gmail is free and provides IMAP which means I can use a 3 different devices to check my email and every device see's all my messages and knows which ones have been read and which haven't.

    Thunderbird is free supports IMAP and had sometimes buggy extensions that allow access to all the various free webmail stuff.

    I can't wait to try version 3.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Ho hum.

    I don't know anybody who used a fat mail client anymore. Why bother?

  9. Anonymous Coward


    not everybody uses webmail only... why do you bother to comment what you don't know anything about?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Ho hum AC

    I give you four reasons why I've been with Thunderbird for a long time now :

    1. Excellent spam filter

    2. Ability to view the source code of the received message without opening the message which was/is extremely useful when receiving spam containing html,scripts, web bugs and so on

    3. Ability to view all smtp headers in order to check the validity of suspect messages

    4. Ability to strip html and display the received messages as sanitized html or (my favorite) as plain text only

    This is how I can afford to disable real-time anti-virus scanning on my computer.

  11. John 118

    All I want for Christmas is ..

    Simple and Extended MAPI support!!

  12. Eddie Johnson

    All yuor emails are belong to US!!!

    >>I can use a 3 different devices to check my email and every device see's all my messages

    Not only does every device see all your messages but so does every Google partner, affiliate and affiliate's partner's affiliate. You may as well just post all your email on a public website.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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