back to article Orange issues Heroic update

Orange has been in touch to let us know its variant update to the HTC Hero is now available, leaving just T-Mobile customers struggling with last year's software. Both operators sell the handset, with T-Mobile branding it the G2 Touch, but customers have been frustrated at the speed with which the two networks have struggled …


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  1. The Original Ash
    Paris Hilton

    Who uses network ROMs?

    Bloated network ROMs are a thing of the past; Streamlined and svelte is how things should be. Before I even fully charged the battery of my Touch Diamond 2 it had a stripped ROM with no network branding installed.

    It's like buying a new Windows PC; Anyone in their right mind throws the restore CD in the bin, keeps the driver disc for the network card only, then downloads new drivers for the rest of the hardware after a clean OS installation.

    PH as she could have used some custom software on her SideKick.

  2. Dai


    Is this linked to the forthcoming donut release, which is scheduled to be rolled out to most Android based phones next month?

  3. James Pickett (Jp)

    Hero now the phone it should have been!

    I don't think Orange did too badly in this case. The branded version of the update was only 2 or 3 days behind the HTC one.

    Also, they only things they are are a loading splash screen and some bookmarks, so no real problems there.

    The short of it is, if you've got a Hero, get this update. I was happy enough before (the occasional lag felt like an ok compromise for the excellent functionality) - but now it's silky smooth and very responsive!

  4. Dan Price

    Still waiting for mine

    That's great! I just wish Orange would pull their finger out and release one for the Diamond.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Orange doing something right!?

    Yay for Orange! O2 have totally messed up with the Samsung Galaxy - even though Samsung have brought out new versions of the firmware, the PC application doesn't recognise the phone, and there's no way of updating the firmware (officially).

  6. Shig


    Mine's sat on my desk, boxed and ready to go back. T-mobile really shit up on this one.

  7. James Pickett (Jp)


    No, this is a specific ROM update for the Hero. It bascially fixes a few bugs that were causing the phone to be a bit laggy (stuttering menus etc) and it adds a touch to focus feature to the (frankly poor) camera.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    I bought my Magic from NewEgg...

    Then flashed it soon as I got it. No Google brand, no network brand, just pure HTC, the way it should be...

  9. Ben Boyle
    Thumb Up

    Title goes here

    My Hero has been updated - but not with the Orange firmware. Never know what additional crap they see fit to foist on you.

    Now the lag has been sorted, it's the phone it should have been at release.

  10. CitizenErazed
    Thumb Down


    So, applied the update, like a good little network sheep I waited for the Orange one. Everything's much faster and swapping between home screens is smoother, but...

    Peep will not download tweets for love nor money on mobile internet. Nor will Spotify search, but only on mobile internet. Connect to WiFi and it's fine - go wandering and you can't get a thing. Anyone else?

  11. Anonymous Coward

    NO ROM Update for T-Mobile G2

    Well it is now October 3rd, On Friday October 2nd we were lied to by T-mobile and we are still waiting for the update. Rumours are saying it is going to be Monday. However, I don't trust T-mobile and I don't hold out much hope of getting anything soon. T-Mobile are a bunch of useless crooks! I wonder how Orange will handle these G2 handsets on the merger. I hope they just treat them as just regular HTC Hero's as they should be!

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