back to article World's first motion-controlled headphones outed

Taking calls and listening to music through your mobile phone is now easier than ever, Sony Ericsson (SE) has claimed, following its launch of motion-activated headphones. MH907 Sony Ericsson's MH907 cans use SensMe tech to monitor motion Supposedly a world’s first, the MH907 cans activate and end phone functions based on …


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  1. Joe Blogs


    Always remember to proofread carefully in case you any words out.

  2. shaunm
    Thumb Up

    fine idea..

    The ultimate answer to the idiot that taps you on the shoulder to ask a bloody stupid question just at the best part of the song or the audio book you may be listening to.

  3. MrM


    More garbage for brain washed morons to waste their money on! but then here i am reading about it, so i cant be much better.

    People are not supposed to live like this - we have 'evolved' too far!

  4. Greg J Preece

    Cracking idea, but...

    ...I have a suggestion for an extra mode. A vigorous nod or two of the head auto-selects some hard rock. Auto-headbanging mode! Aw yeah.

  5. Niall 1

    Flat Eric Controlled Headphones

    You have to keep moving your head to the music or it stops playing.

  6. Mei Lewis


    This is sounding a lot like the radio on the Heart of Gold.

  7. Cliff


    The left bud contains a small yet powerful laser, the right bud some sort of sensor. This will work for the cretins who pay money for these and have nothing obstructing the beam.

  8. Marc 1

    Fine print...

    "Not for use by headbangers."

  9. Big Bear

    The SE W902

    "SE's W902 phone, for example, lets you skip through tracks and change the volume by shaking the handset."

    Not quite that easy - you have to hold down the shiny, none pokey-outey button on the top right corner while flicking you phone to the right and down to advance a track. Of course, this is flakey as sh*t so you end up offending the local yoof who think you are gesticulating at them with a rude gesture as favoured by football hooligans and road ragers.

    As for changing the volume, that's news to me, but if anyone has a clue how to change the volume on this phone without using the volume buttons I'd like to hear about it as my increase volume button is goosed.

    Of course, it goes without saying that this "motion control" is complete pish as there are dedicated buttons for the same functions that let you change tracks and so on while the phone is in the pocket as long as you can remember which button is what. <RANT> Yet another bit of pointless shinyness from boffins who don't know how things are utilised in real life. Plus, knowing the buttons allows you to watch where you are going rather than blindly stepping while your eyes are glued to your Android or iPhone with its touchscreen. Yes, I'm talking to all you w*nkers on the Tube who have the gall to tell me to watch where I'm going when I'm dropping the shoulder into you because YOU are not looking up. I don't mind being walked into but there are old folk and wee kids that you really should keep an eye out for you complete f*cking tools, especially that tall tw*t last Thursday going into Liverpool Street with the blonde hair and glasses and dark mac coat at about 7.50pm. </RANT>

  10. Ant Gamble

    How hard coult it be...

    to invent this tech? A light sensor in each ear. Hardly difficult.

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