back to article Microsoft offers online tools for Swine Flu infected kids

Microsoft is leveraging this year's most fashionable pandemic to pitch its online storage and document sharing service for Office. Swine Flu is a major hit with kids these days, and alas, infected tots must be kept away from the classroom. That's why the software giant today launched the website …


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  1. Samuel Walker
    Gates Horns

    It's official

    Microsoft are desperate.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Not bashing MS particularly, but I always feel uncomfortable when any large corporation starts muscling in on education. They bang on about helping kids thorugh this and that, but it's a glorified ad campaign that's about as subtle as a brick in the face!

  3. John Fairhurst
    Black Helicopters

    Cheeky Advertising

    Nice to see MS using the opportunity to advertise the commercial offerings on top of its freebie...

    Wonder which came first - the philanthrpoy or the marketing :-)

  4. Fractured Cell

    Um, hang on a minute...

    Most UK schools have a system like this set up already, with much more functionality.

    Its called a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

  5. Paul 4


    They are teaching kids that its ok that when your Dr says "get lots of bedrest and look after yourself" its ok that your boss says "sit in bed with a lap top".

  6. Naich

    Does it work with Linux?

    Does it fuck.

  7. Greg J Preece


    As Fractured mentioned above, lots of places already have VLEs that do this. I do a lot of development for Moodle, which is free, open source, and already does all this. To hell with MS' ad campaign.

  8. Rob Beard

    Yeah right...

    I doubt my three daughters would be thinking about school work if they were struck down with Swine Flu. I think really all they'd want is to be tucked up in bed dosed up on paracetamol with a constant stream of Hannah Montana on the TV. The last thing they'd want to do is any school work (they don't like doing it when they're well, so there's even less chance of them doing anything when ill).

    By the way, why haven't we got a swine flu icon yet?

    Terminator icon because that's what my best mate looked like when he had Swine Flu last week.


  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where are the flames?

    I thought this would be a pretty easy target for the "I hate M$ therefore I am better than you" crowd.

    Microsoft + Virus = Troll fodder.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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