back to article Why should the US stimulus rules change for the big carriers?

Now that the US broadband stimulus funding applications are in, there is rising debate over whether the rules should be changed for subsequent rounds of financing. Many of the applicants are putting forward highly innovative plans that go far beyond simple best effort access to underserved communities and look forward to a …


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  1. Trevor 7

    And to be sure the rules dont change

    The telecos have seen how the banks bailout went, and won't touch money that could potentially be used to force government control of the bonuses. We just need someone at a high level in the FCC to comment about how nice it was that the banks excessive bonuses were reigned in after the bailout. That would keep the major telecos, from getting involved.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    On the other hand

    Who's to say that some large multi-national telecom doesn't reach out and crush someone?

  3. shawnfromnh

    Only unrestrictive companies should get this money

    They should give very limited money if any to any company that has download caps as in you can have broadband but you can only download 5gb per month. With those kinds of caps why would anyone even need to have more than dialup since you can use 5gb+ just viewing a bunch of Youtube video's in the course of a single weekend. Also AT&T should not be allowed either for trying crap like saying online gaming is not broadband.

    These funds should go to companies that offer true broadband with no caps and no restrictions on use. If a telecommunication company like sprint or AT&T decide they will restrict usage and want to act like it's 1995 still then let them find their own funding privately since I don't want my tax dollars used to help some company that uses these gimmicks to pad their bottom line.

    It's 2009 and they should have the infrastructure in place by now for true unrestricted broadband already in place.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    As if the US isn't far enough behind

    The big wankers (ATT & Verizon) think that dial-up level service is just dandy. Apparently ATT has the cojones to declare that broadband only need be able to do email, chat, and the like. Whoever the bird-brain is either knows that you can do that with dial-up; or is so hopelessly retarded that they should (1) not be allowed to breed and (2) not be allowed out in public. The big US telecoms pretty much vie for "most reviled".

This topic is closed for new posts.

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