back to article Sim-free Palm Pré pre-orders tip up in UK

Palm’s must-have new smartphone, the Pré, has popped up for pre-order on the websites of two different UK-based retailers. handtec_pre_01 Blighty's gadget-mad can pre-order a Pré through Handtec HandTec is now accepting advance orders for £517.49 ($856/€588), while mPhone will put a Pré aside on your behalf for a slightly …


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  1. DoogieTalons

    What's with the MiniSD in the specs ?

    I thought the Palm Pre was 8Gb and that's yer lot.

  2. calagan
    Dead Vulture

    Rip off?

    Either those resellers are trying to rip us off, or the Pré is bound to fail completely with such an unrealistic price tag.

    Even with a $300 or $350 subsidy, the Pré doesn't stand a chance at surviving against the Android crowd at this price.

  3. Astarte

    Is it Genuine?

    I have been a keen supporter of the Palm product range since the days of the Palm Pilot. Always impressed by it, in particular the enthusiastic support provided by enthusiasts and companies in the creation and supply of free or cheap third-party apps.

    I was very disappointed to hear that Palm had chosen to release the Pré only to a limited number of network suppliers because it goes strictly 'against the grain' of flexibility and freedom of choice. I am happy with my existing service provider as many other people are with them. Like me they do not wish to be forced to switch contracts or to be limited when travelling to other countries. When I travel I usually buy a pre-paid card for the duration.

    So, are the subject offers genuine from Palm or will they be 'unlocked' by the distributor potentially exposing buyers to later hassles when Palm decides to re-lock the phone at a later date?

  4. Brian Witham

    It's a red herring

    Sim Free is meaningless when it's not Network Restriction free

    A pox on 02!

  5. Rob Haswell

    Hoping for unlocked retail

    My contract with Orange is absolutely killer and I'm dreading the prospect of having to jump ship to o2. I've been working my way to coming to terms with the idea, but this is a small ray of hope for me. Even if these people do look like cowboys.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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