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And so to the Reg Library for our occasional plunder of the Whitepaper shelves. Today we are diving into the perennially popular topics of email management and security and have selected three vendor papers for your perusal. Registration is, as per, required. Email continuity. You don't know what you've got til it's gone This …


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  1. John Bayly

    Fantastic timing

    Just as I was reading this I had a colleague walking up and asking why a customer isn't getting his automatically generated emails.

    Me: Where are they being sent?

    Him: Hotmail, his Blackberry and his company address. He's checked his junk folders.

    Me: Um, we store only one address. Anyhow, are you getting bounced emails

    Him: I don't know

    Me: Well check first. As far as I can see they are being sent successfully. And we can't do anything about his forwarders (And who the hell uses hotmail for business)

    My problems aren't usually with the infrastructure, they're with the lumps of flesh at either end!

  2. Michael Fremlins

    If Exchage really is so hard, don't use it

    I don't have any experience of administering Exchange, but plenty of running email on UNIX 24x7. My colleague ran an Exchange server, and he said it was one thing he worried about.

    If Exchange really is so hard to administer, move to UNIX. It's not hard.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Exchange2007? No thanks

    I run Domino7, 8.5 and Exhange2003 sites, over several continents. There is no way I can recommend a move from Exchange2003 to 2007, given that you'll still need a hardware refresh when you move to 2010.

    It's very simple - if you have major inter-site problems, check the network first, whatever platform you're running. There is no point moving platform if it's stable and running well, just to get a different working email system. You'll be spending loads of money just to get ..... email.

  4. TJPSolutions


    move over to google apps...and use Gmail...worries over.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Alternatively.

    TJPSolutions: >> "move over to google apps...and use Gmail"

    Over my dead body!

  6. Oliver Moazzezi

    Exchange is just fine to manage, and Exchange 2007 and 2010 are improvements over Exchange 2003

    As with most software, if you don't know how to use it or are unfamiliar with a new version, it will take a little getting used to.

    Exchange Server is a great product - probably Microsofts flagship Server Product , it's also easy to manage, but as with all products is harder to master.

    You also don't need a server refresh for moving from 2007 to the upcoming 2010 - you just need x64 tin which both require - so you can repurpose.

  7. Pete 8

    Trip Trap Trip Trap...

    mSexChange s fscking great, just watch your space & i/o limits,

    Dont believe these trollolololols who havent opened Exchange since 199x.

    I have spent $0.00 on tools to fix or tweak it.

    With SBS it is almost free, along with 5 outlook licenses.

    I run 20+ of them and spend less than 40 hours a year maintaining it.

    I spend over 100 hours a year (on behalf of 200+ users) talking to ISP drones fronting for operators of other larger email systems, and have noticed a standard 'user=meatsack' approach by such operators.

    It is so much easier to have a standardised, fully transferrable system to offer a friendly personal brand of service.

    Cupcake anyone?

    Have a great day all :)

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