back to article Nokia bigs up innovators... kinda

Nokia has announced the winners of its innovation competition - it's one ported from Android, one old idea made new and one pre-installed slideshow, but at least the special award is interesting. Finalists in Calling All Innovators competition were listed two weeks ago, and we saw little in the way of innovation back then, so …


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  1. Long Fei
    Thumb Up

    Do you come?

    Apparently you can send very personal messages with it too, and then blame it on the program. Not a bad idea...

    ~runs off to download~

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Isn't technology marvellous ?

    The little animation on the Mobots website that bemoans the missed calls while you're at the disco has this fascinating exchange:

    "A buddy of mine is calling"

    "I'm at the Heaven, do you come ?"

    If any of my friends received a SMS like that from me, they'd probably assume I'd stopped off at some sort of brothel.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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