back to article NetApp heading cloudwards

Looking to provide storage cloud facilities, NetApp has upgraded its array software to Data ONTAP 8, added a much enhanced memory caching card, and is enabling multiple heads for its arrays. Low-end FAS 2000 arrays will be enhanced to support multiple heads, joining the existing FAS 3000 and 6000 arrays, which are already …


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  1. sfschair

    SPEC SFS Subcommittee chair

    Dear sirs,

    The Netapp SPEC SFS2008 submissions were delayed due to an automation error at SPEC, and should have been posted at 8:00 AM Eastern. The Netapp results had been received, reviewed, and accepted for publication 2 weeks ago. It was only due to a software error that the publications were delayed by an hour.

    Thank you,

    Don Capps

This topic is closed for new posts.

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