back to article Hedgehog quip secures Fringe's top gag crown

Comedian Dan Antopolski has secured the 2009 top Fringe gag crown for entertaining Edinburgh Festival crowds with: "Hedgehogs. Why can't they just share the hedge?" Comedian Dan Antopolski with his Dave award Antopolski (pictured) topped a Dave TV poll featuring top quips from the festival selected by a panel of "nine of the …


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  1. Thomas 18

    From the bbc

    I think the best one is:

    "Michael Jackson only invented the moonwalk so he could sneak up on children."

    Figures the masses would like a pun based joke over a blunt dark one liner.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    best one is the iPhone one

    it's funny, because it's true

  3. northern monkey

    Aah, it's a shame...

    ...that this one missed out:

    Adam Hills - "Watching the global financial crisis unfold is rather like watching my dad being molested by a clown. I know it's going to affect me, I am just not entirely sure how."

  4. npupp 1

    IT angle!

    Awww, you should have noted the other IT related honorable mention:

    Edward Aczel - "Machiavelli said, 'It is better to be feared than to be loved, if you cannot be both.' Something to bear in mind when you embark on internet dating."

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So I'm not missing much...

    ... if this top 10 list is the best jokes available at the fringe. Some of them are more clever than funny.

  6. not.known@this.address Bronze badge

    Why did Michael Jackson call his song "Bad"?

    Cos the RIAA wouldn't let him call it "Complete Bollocks" and he couldn't spell "Atrocious", both of which would have been far more accurate.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Prizes for Turning Up

    Antopolski is proof that if you turn up at Edinburgh every year, eventually people will get to know the name and think you must be good.

    I guess they had to give him a prize for effort.

    The others listed are far more humourous than the hedgehog quip, but none of them are typical of the good performances at the Fringe. Anyway, off to Stephen K Amos tonight.

    (just expressing my opinion - there must be plenty people who find him funny. Well, 9 Dave judges at least)

  8. William Towle
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    ...Metro says DVO's "effort" won the booby prize*, although from your link to the Dave site you could only say Marx' and hers were among the worst (a strong correlation with "oldest" there, it would seem!)


    ObPersonalFavourite: Phil Nicol's "A lot of people say I'm egocentric – but enough about them", followed closely by Antopolski's other one.

  9. Bassey

    Good to see...

    Good to see the only two women in the list keeping up the tradition of women comedians only ever telling jokes about "women's" issues. Although the Rose West one was, at least, actually funny.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Denise Van Caughtouten!

    She's second to last down that page.

  11. Witty username
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    The Rose West joke

    I lol`d.

  12. weirdcult
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    The Hedgehog joke is quite old =(

  13. James Anderson

    Surely these ar ethe 2005 results,

    Nothing on Dave is newer than four years old.

    How could the Dave judges escape thier timewarp and comment on this years festival?

    How could Dave viewers make the monumental effort to pick up the phone when they are too lethargic to change channels, or, are actiually engrossed in a six year old 'Have I got News For You' episode.

    Life is full of mysteries.

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