back to article Tearaways deface Tayside Police website

Tayside Police have restored their website following an embarrassing defacement late last week. Surfers visiting the site from late afternoon on Thursday were confronted by a defacement, claimed in the name of Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle, and accompanied by notes more in the style of Irvine Welsh than Jim Taggart. The …


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  1. Andy ORourke

    Icon says it all

    Where can I get my new keyboard, they don't have to worry about being caught they could claim ADHD or Aspergers as a defence :-)

  2. yossarianuk


    Before people start saying "I thought Linux is safe" you should read the step by step guide the explot author has written.

    Root hadn't logged in for over 100 days, there had been no updates on the server in years and was running a 2.4.22-1.2115.nptl kernel (over 6 years old..)

    Great work to the hacker !

  3. Robert Grant


    ...comment that tells everyone I know nothing about security when I shout that it's on Linux and it's no more secure!

  4. Anonymous Coward


    "Netcraft reports that the site runs using Apache on a Linux platform"

    It must have been windows, linux is unhackable and wonderful and cuddly and windows kills rabbits.

  5. Stephen McLeod Blythe

    Fellow defacement crews?

    Where do they greetz fellow defacement crews?

    "greets to: buckfast wine, that dobber pc plum, glasgow celtic, tennents super lager,

    bono, the gay coppers that kept walking round my tent at T in the park when i was trying

    to do lines of charlie"

    That's all I can find.. and I'm pretty sure they're not defacement crews ;)

  6. Anonymous John

    Piece of cake

    All Plod needs to do is google on "prelimenary". Only 528 hits on that typo.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    @Stephen McLeod Blythe

    I'm pretty sure Buckfast is defacement of some kind, even if it's only my stomach lining.

  8. The Original Steve


    Updates? Huh?

    But it's all open so anyone can find holes and Linux has been going more than 6 years. Why are updates needed?!


  9. Anonymous Coward

    Paisley Young Team???

    Not bloody likely.

    Anyone who can use phrases such as "OUTPUT CUT FOR SOME SEMBLENCE OF BREVITY" (barring the spelling mistakes) is far too over qualified for any of the Clyde valley based young team outfits.

  10. b166er

    AC 19:45

    Indeed, the 'paisley young team' reference has to be sarcasm.

    I work in Paisley, or 'Cerebral Paisley' as it's affectionately known.

  11. Moss Icely Spaceport

    Those peelers

    better keep them peeled in future!

  12. Andrew 6

    The quote is a Frankie Boyle one

    He used it on Mock The Week a series or so ago.

    Went to see a gig of his once, warm up guy made a comment of "Frankie is a bit like Guiness, sooner or later there's some dark shit coming"... oh so true, and he makes some very astute observations at times.

    Bit more on topic, hopefully someone will learn to patch servers regularly and keep a general eye on system security ..... yes I know I'm a dreamer

  13. Olaf 1 Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Tayside quality?

    Dundee graffiti -

    Fuk the Tasid Polis

    Followed by -

    Poofs are gay

  14. dervheid



    utterly brilliant!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Taking the piss, surely.

    Definitely not the work of the Paisley Young Team whose collective IQ only marginally exceeds that of a deep fried Mars bar. Couldn't hack their way into a paper bag.

    Known to the local cops in K division as the Piss Your Trousers team, they frequently have to be sent home to mammy for a quick nappy change. Bless.

  16. Suburban Inmate

    Dumb shit and Dark Shit @ Andrew 6

    Why oh why oh fucking WHY can't the gov produce a single standardised platform or set of platforms for its IT systems? Perhaps even a central office full of proper experts that can remotely admin stuff like this? Ah why do I care... SUFO full speed ahead.

    As for dark shit, Frankie Boyle is OK but not particularly dark. For the really dark shit try Doug Stanhope. He's in London at the start of September, too!

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