back to article Obama site smackdown spam only offers malware

Spam messages offering links to a tool designed to knock out the website of President Obama lead only to dodgy software. Junk mail ostensibly punting software that allows anti-Obama-ists to become cyberactivists says: "If You don't like Obama come here, you can help to ddos his site with your installs." Disappointingly, no …


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  1. Mr Templedene

    Why do I think

    There are enough rabid Obama haters for this to be very successful, and that they all turn off their anti-spam software when it detects this as a virus as the AV software must be a "commie plot" to stop their glorious task.

  2. mike2R

    Missed Opportunity

    Pity the authors of this spam aren't xkcd fans - this could have made a real difference to the quality of online US political debate..

  3. Apocalypse Later


    The way the Whitehouse has behaved recently, the last thing Obama opponents should do is interfere in any way with the website. Just let them get on with making fools of themselves, spamming the electorate and asking supporters to forward any emails critical of Obama's policies to them (now stopped as it turns out to be illegal for the government to collect information on their "enemies").

    It's a good thing this scam is just a scam, then, and not a genuine attempt. That leaves the interesting point that attacking Obama seems to be just as enticing to the great unwashed as the free porn that is the usual bait for such scams.

  4. Jaap stoel

    Wait what is this?

    Spam linking to malware? Oh my god! A world has opened for me!

  5. Variable


    In fact, a DDOS tool was distributed in February 2008 by 'anonymous' as part of their anti-Scientology campaign.

  6. Seán

    Anti-Obama morans

    Nice to see the internet acting as a tool of evolution to take out the least fit.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fake grass roots

    If it was a bunch of truly dotty people who 'fear for America' or think Healthcare reform is a 'Nazi policy' then perhaps they would fall for that, but it's not. They're not randomly looking for targets to attack, they're told which meetings to attend, given talking points, pre-written rant pieces and angried up ahead of time.

    That one where they scream obscenities then start reciting the oath of allegiance, has been used a few times now. They plant people throughout the audience to join in and get the audience reciting it, it's that well organised.

  8. Sureo

    Fools and Idiots

    Its hard to believe anyone would be stupid enough to go for this rubbish. I despair for the future of our species.

  9. gollux

    Ditto, ditto...

    Damn, now my computer is pulsating with all sorts of chicks with large family values prominently bouncing in the wind. Why did my fellow birthers turn on me like this? Gonna have to give that SC Governor a call and see if he can do anything about it, except I keep getting this message that he's in Argentina on some sort of religious retreat.

  10. Peter Murphy

    Serves the buggers right.

    Apocalypse Later: I am not feeling very sympathetic towards the American Right Wing at the moment - because of idiots like these. The URL should be self-explanatory.

    She sounds like the sort of moron who would download the malware. And if people lose their computers over it? Good.

  11. Ceiling Cat

    @ "Precedents?"

    Why must everyone glorify the chantards?

    I have been to 4chan, I have seen the pathetic dribbling and insult-flinging that goes on there. Besides, everyone knows that it's a place for "weaboos" to go and "get their fap on" to bizarre asian tentacle porn.

  12. Apocalypse Later

    "Fake" grass roots?

    That's the new mantra. Bush and Cheney are gone, no other nameable target available, so claim the people themselves are phony. It isn't like President "community organizer" Obama and his Chicago posse have ever organized a protest. Everything their supporters do is spontaneous and from the heart.

    Bottom line is that Democratic party congressmen with slim majorities know perfectly well that the protesters represent real voters, and they are very worried about it. Organized protests are what political parties do between elections. At elections they organize the turnout. All parties, all countries. The Democrats control both houses of congress, and they can pass anything they can get all the Democrats to agree on. Obama will sign it. Their problem is that they can't get all their own party onside. (No, I am not an American nor a republican.)

  13. Thomas Kent 1

    @Serves the buggers right

    It turns out that that woman was a follower of Lyndon LaRouch:

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