back to article MS revives Outlook for Mac

Microsoft is to bring back a Mac version of Outlook, a move that will see the end of its current Mac OS X email, PIM and collaboration offering, Entourage. This app will be canned when the next major release of Mac Office ships in late 2010. Entourage was released in 2000, part of Office 2001. Entourage nominally replaced …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Oh yes!

    Liek we need that bug ridden, VB script running, proprietry format piece of cack running on the OSX platform! We have managed to avoid script kiddies so far, let's keep it that way. Anyone stupid enough to run Outlook is asking for it!

    I'll stick with Thunderbird, at least my mail files can be backed up, edited and ported to any other platform when ever I need to!

  2. h 6
    Jobs Horns


    Entourage is a horrible piece of crap. Good riddance.

    Mac Mail or Thunderbird, FFS.

  3. Marco Gnumar

    Mac Users

    "MS was serious about the needs of its Mac customers" and by needs they meant a metrosexual purple look'n''feel.... :P

  4. Scott Mckenzie


    ...personally i use Mac Mail for everything, including exchange - sure at the moment it's an OWA front end, but with Snow Leopard and Exchange 2007, you get full exchange support... and it's free!

  5. Tim Hale 1
    Gates Horns

    Oh good.

    Just when I was looking for a way to integrate Outlook with Google Sync on Windows, Microsoft present almost the exact opposite.

    Microsoft aren't getting nervous about Exchange support in Mac Mail are they? I can't really see why but Microsoft seem much more reactive than proactive these days and this seems to be in the ballpark as an effect for that cause.

    I can't resist using the 'Outlook not so good' icon!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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