back to article Amazon prices up Zune HD

Amazon has revealed how much you'll have to shell out for Microsoft’s upcoming Zune HD media player. Amazon_Zune_HD Amazon's Zune HD prices The player will be available in two flavours: a $220 (£133/€155), 16GB model and a $290 (£175/€204) version with a 32GB storage capacity, Amazon’s US website states. The player hasn’t …


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  1. bex

    flash , hd ?

    I take it these are flash drive based otherwise tey are a rip off.

    Still no sign of the Zune in the UK then ?

  2. RedGrittyBrick
    Gates Horns

    Black, Silver, ...

    Will there be a 64 GB model in brown?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why are they bothering with this?

    (That is all. Serious question.)

  4. Jason DePriest
    Thumb Down

    16GB or 32GB?

    Let me know when they have the 120GB version. Anything less is hardly worth it.

  5. RichyS
    Gates Horns

    Cheaper in the UK

    I assume this will be cheaper in the UK since HD radio is bugger all use here.

    Other than that, a fair bit cheaper than an iPod Touch. Mind you, without all the apps, it can't do as much as an iPod Touch either.

    Still, a bit of decent competition can only push Apple on.

    Oh, and does it support AAC?

  6. Roger Stenning

    They have got to be kidding, right?

    Come on, macroshaft, one hundred plus quid for THAT?!

    Get bleedin' real!

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  8. Anonymous Coward

    Changing the Bandages on my Fresh iPod Tattoo

    What was Microsoft thinking? Clearly, EVERY MP3/Vid player except the iPod should be pulled off of the market. In fact, we should just change the file extension for ALL audio and video files to .ipod Why is any type of competition in any market segment worth it? Wouldn't it be simpler and easier if iPod was all there was? Seriously, what's next? This is as stupid as the morons that think there should be more than one search engine in existence too.

    Let me save the rest of the Reg commenters some time and keystrokes: Microsoft sucks. Microsoft is evil. Microsoft is a monopoly. The iPod is way better than this. This will never sell. Microsoft should just give up. If Mozilla had an MP3 player it would be better than anything else in the world. I'll pay $500 for a video card for the sake of framerate in my favorite FPS game, but $290 for a media player is highway robbery. Did I mention that Microsoft sucks?

  9. Anonymous Coward

    dead before it's born

    ms should focus on fixing their OS and makes it more stable rather than venture in what they suck most. oh wait. sucking is what they do most these days.

  10. Bad Beaver

    Why do you even bother...

    ... to give us prices in local currency. If it's anything like the first one, they will never sell it anywhere outside the US anyway. And whatever the HD stands for, it certainly has nothing to do with capacity. Sorry if any of this can be told off as untrue by people who actually follow the flow of ZUUUUuuuuNE related press, but honestly: I don't.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Gah...'s like a zombie movie, damn lumpen, stumbling thing won't die!

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Briefly on my shopping list

    So I seen that it had HD radio so I was thinking, as we have just got digital radio in Australia that this would give me portable access to digital AM stations, to listen to sport on the go. But it seems that HD radio is a USA only thing and the rest of the world has so far gone with something else leaving the states (as usual) standing all alone.

    So my cash will stay in my wallet thanks Microsucks unless you want to a add digital radio that is not a redundant "feature" in the rest of the world.

    (do not have an MP3 or pod device, just a good old cassette Walkperson with AM/FM radio.)

  13. Lutin


    I think the HD is also because it outputs video to HD (to a HD screen).

    I saw a demo of this zune and I have to say, apart from the app market, ipod touch has absolutely nothing on this.

  14. D@v3

    The only product microsoft will ever sell that doesnt suck.....

    will be the windows vacuum cleaner.

  15. Jonathan White


    I assume that isn't actually a case made out of platinum, or that might just be worth buying.


  16. This post has been deleted by its author

  17. Richard Joseph

    All the fuss will be about its chipset,...

    ....the ZuneHD will be using nVidia's new 'Tegra' low-power-high-performance chipset. Its a low power GPU good for 1080p etc. Sorry M$, but I think the real stomping ground for this chipset will be on Android-based phones.

    When Android gets its polish (as in shine) correct, I think this chipset and that OS could really give iSell a run for its money.

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