back to article Chinese authorities close fatal net treatment camp, arrest 13

Chinese police have detained 13 people as part of their investigation into the death of a teenager at an internet addiction treatment camp. According to official news agency Xinhua, the 13 are all connected with the Qihang Salvation Training Camp in Nanning. The camp achieved notoriety last week following the death of Deng …


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  1. Steve Swann


    Usual 'old guard' response (and I don't mean just in China, either!) where those that cannot understand the advancement of human knowledge give it a derogatory label (in this case "Net Addiction") and then inflict violence upon those who practice it.

    Throughout history it's the same; "We don't understand this! It scares us! ATTACK!".

    Will people never learn?!

  2. sandman
    Big Brother

    End labour camps?

    你准是在开玩笑 (You must be joking!)

  3. Winkypop Silver badge

    The treatment camp staff are to be...

    ....sent to their local Fatal Net Treatment-Treatment camp, etc, etc ......and around we go again...

  4. Fluffykins Silver badge


    I'm not!


  5. Trevor Watt

    Fatal Beating?

    Well perhaps he would have not had the addiction in the first place if his parents had administered a fatal beating or two, in fact he would have grown up to be a very different boy if they had!

    I apologise, that is just my strange Hibernian sense of humor showing through.....

  6. Deckchair
    Thumb Up

    Good stuff.

    Now they can get back to farming Gold on World Of Warcraft.

  7. Anonymous Coward



    Google translates this as: "Push your head into your rectum and sneezing"?

    Good point!

  8. Laughing Otter


    A bit of irony, perhaps, that Internet dissemination of this incident was what probably sparked the retaliatory measures to close the place down in the first place. A bit of PR for their abysmal human rights agenda, eh?

    A pint of Georgetown Brewery's Chopper's Red Ale (three, actually) for me in yet another vain attempt to understand the incredibly ass-backward Chinese...

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A win, win situation

    The parents of the kids pay for them to be cured and Foxconn pay to have their security guards trained.

    The owner of the camp is on a double earner.

  10. Justin White
    Paris Hilton

    @ Fluffykins

    High commendations, sir! Now we know how to describe a cranial-colonoscopy in Chinese! That should come in handy someday.

    Paris, who's no stranger to head and insertions.

  11. Dale Richards



    这是一个很好的方法来阻止美丽 Sarah Bee 检查我们的意见!

  12. h 6


    "Encyclopedia of parrots for Disease Control and Prevention" ???

  13. JohnG Silver badge

    @Trevor Watt

    "....if his parents had administered a fatal beating or two..."

    I think you will find that only one fatal beating is enough to curtail internet addiction and growing up of any kind because, by implication, the recipient of a fatal beating would be dead.

  14. Nordrick Framelhammer

    Of course the government will condem these forms of "treatment"

    If it didn't stop this sort of "treatment" then those people would not notice any difference between the camps and the torture , sorry, I mean re-education that political prisonors (the vast majority of prisoners in China) are subjected to.

    Also the reason that there is a panic about "net addiction" is that those playing the likes of WoW are not out slaving away for a pittance to support the extended family.

  15. Alan Newbury
    Dead Vulture


    I think he was applying the same logic as my mother - "Don't come crying to me if you wake up dead".

  16. elderlybloke

    will the Chinese

    get down to the level of brutality of the Americans at their prison camp down Cuba way?

  17. cor


    Your application of analytic logic is commendable. No-one had spotted that.

    I suspect that Mr Watt is probably speaking from experience, clearly having received only a few fatal beatings in the past.

    Probably pussyfoot parents applying a 'less than lethal' electroschock with a Taser.

    Mine's the one with Sardonic Police written on the back

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