back to article Malaysia mulls Chinese Green Dam twin

Malaysia - the Southeast Asian country that has imprisoned at least two bloggers under sedition laws - is mulling a net filter along the lines of China's Green Dam. But Information Minister Rais Yatim says it would not be used to censor blogs and websites. During a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Reuters reports, Rais said …


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  1. Stevie Silver badge


    Judging by the images being viewed by a Chinese co-"worker" recently, dragged off a Chinese website (out net filter doesn't speak ideogram apparently), there's nothing the western world could supply the discerning Chinese perv that they couldn't get locally.

  2. asdf Silver badge

    the ant mentality

    I know our Western governments are just as guilty and would try this crap if they could (pesky elections) but when are some of the people in these countrys going to get a bit of individualism and quit spouting the party line? Long term China's political system is incompatible with free market capitalism and the whole shithouse is going to catch fire and collapse. Still only the Chinese would require a heavy handed opressive piece of software that tramples all over not only individuals rights of freedom but tramples over the IP rights of the companies that actually developed the software that the chinese ripped off. No irony or hypocrisy to be found there. We complain about western democracy but for all its flaws we don't know how bad most of the rest of the world has it.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Re: The ant mentality

    UK government does it already - heard of the so called Internet Watch Foundation? They are also claiming to filter just kiddie porn (and recently also cartoons, blogs,etc). But obviously list of the websites is secret, and you can theoretically appeal against their decision to police (and they're most likely to ignore your request).

  4. Winkypop Silver badge

    Malaysia eh?

    A recalcitrant backwards country if ever there was one.

    These politicians live in the dark ages of restrictive and prescriptive religious beliefs and medieval thinking...

    Bah! Exactly.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    I'm starting my own little embargo here. Nokia and Siemens have already lost my business forever for supplying the Iranian gubmint with stuff they really shouldn't sell to dictators. Seems like high time me and Google take a little trip to the intartubes and find out who's next on the list.

  6. Pete 8
    Thumb Down

    This is <typo>Beijing</typo> being done in

    NZ & Australia - no outsiders get to see the sometimes errant list.

    democratic countries <b>under this regime</b> should have a

    Dept. of Censorship, Factual Adjustments and Beleif Modification so sheeple can cry somewhere efficiently.

    They wont be happy until this planet is a prison.

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