back to article Microhoo deal has a Google escape clause

It is no secret that Yahoo! and Microsoft's search deal aims to steal market share from Google, but it is still surprising to see Google named in a Yahoo! SEC filing. The SEC update reveals that Yahoo! can get out of the deal if the average revenue per search in the US falls below a specified percentage of Google's estimated …


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  1. Ray0x6

    It seems that even lawyers...

    cannot speak English correctly.

    "not less than 400 Yahoo! employees"


  2. Paolo Marini
    Thumb Up

    I say it's a good deal

    not sure if better than the previous acquisition one(s) but surely they retain control on their company(for now)... they earn quite a few bucks (at the expense of Microsoft, I would add)... and they actually don't have to lay off people !!!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother


    Criticising a quote?

    Perhaps you should have gone to the original?

  4. Bilgepipe
    Gates Horns


    Looks like Yahoo had Micro$oft over a barrel. Ballmer must have been absolutely desperate for this deal, which is odd, given how wonderful Bing is supposed to be....

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC Re: Ray0x6

    He did. That's why he said lawyers.

  6. Lewis Mettler 1

    some Yahoos will move over to Google

    This deal is a bit different than most mergers/partnerships.

    Existing Yahooers are going to have to move someplace somehow. It is not the same as requiring a change sometime in the future when it is convenient for the customer. Like changing platforms for instance because support is no longer available. When Yahoo switches, customers get the jolt.

    And a certain percentage would rather use Google as their second choice rather than Bing.

    And you have to assume that Yahooers already decided they did not Microsoft for search. Maybe they did not like Google either. But, now they have to move on to their second choice. And that second choice could easily be Google and not Microsoft. So there is a real probability that the combined share of Microsoft and Yahoo will reduce.

    No discussion of Microsoft illegal business practices here so perhaps TheReg will not censor this post.

  7. Kev K

    RIght thats it

    El Reg in FF with adblock from now on - The last (cisco?) advert that obscured half the text pissed me off and I complained - now this HP one does it again.

    Why do you do this ?? why dont you screen your adds ?

    Your an add supported site and you piss off your readers with add's that obscure the text.

    I refuse to see your adverts any more.

  8. Mockneck Phil

    Who cares!

    I don't care about the details of the deal. You can already search on Yahoo and Bing at the same time. It's called You also get Google and Ask as well as Twitter.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Yahoo plays in the poo?

    I had some business dealings with yahoo... What left me most impressed with the whole operation was:

    a) They provide paid for services in the US, that can be accessed from Australia, but

    b) because they are in bed with a TV network here - that only promotes soapies and me too clone Television..(asinine simple minded bullshit)

    c) And they refuse to provide answers to "customer support" questions for reselling their services, the services already being paid for on behalf of clients AND are generally "very slack"......

    It's a very good way to judge a company - because IF that IS what they are like at the coal face - what are they like from there on in?

    And Microsoft - and it's decades long reign as serving up insipid software, crap tech support by generally very clueless and unmotivated to fix it staff - and their dirty deals in terms of anti trust actions, their force feeding you of their bundled and interbred ever so easy to hack packages......

    I don't really care much for either of them..... and given the fact they have established a deal - full of back doors and escape clauses - is pretty much symptomatic of the cash grabbing sleazery of each of them.

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