back to article Endeavour glides back to Kennedy

Space shuttle Endeavour landed today at Kennedy Space Center at 14:48 GMT, marking the end of its STS-127 mission to the International Space Station. Endeavour landing at Kennedy this afternoon. Pic: NASA During five spacewalks, crew members installed the final Exposed Facilty component of Japan's Kibo laboratory and replaced …


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  1. Daniel 1

    Policeman effect in reverse

    No matter how old I get, spacemen and women still seem to get even older - and the pace of their aging is, if anything, accelarating. It's as if NASA spaceships are so old and clunky that they suffer from some sort of reverse time-dilation effect. There was a period when people going into space were in their thirties: this lot look like they belong in an IBM Global Technology Services Team, or something.

    Does NASA have some sort of rule stating that states that you have to be more ancient than the firecracker they send you up in?

  2. StillNoCouch
    Paris Hilton

    Nicole's hot !

    She could make me see stars !

  3. Andus McCoatover

    Welcome back!

    Nice endeavour. Now, collect your Pink Slips/P45's here. We're retiring the fleet. Sod off quietly. Souvenirs? Sorry, only the jap-crapper can keep his 4-week skiddy nappies.

  4. Trevor Watt

    @ StillNoCouch

    Really? How old are you? 50?

  5. Horridbloke

    The dream dies

    I watched the first space shuttle mission landing on t'telly with t'parents back in the early eighties when I was nine or ten. Back then some of us (those without fully developed brains) still thought there was a future in space exploration.

    The best part of thirty years later and a manned mission returning to earth is still headline news.We blew it. Confined to a tiny speck of sand, as Pendulum put it.

  6. Emilio Desalvo

    Not Kids...

    Daniel, when Armstrong and Aldrin did their moonwalk, they where both 39 years old, so was Collins. Not kids...

  7. TeeCee Gold badge


    Posted on friday at twenty past six?

    I suggest that you study the pic again from the perspective of a monday morning lacking the beer goggles.

  8. I didn't do IT.
    Thumb Up

    @ Trevor Watt, @TeeCee

    No, we are not 50... just there is that kind of shortage of fit duckies over here, loves!

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