back to article N97 Mini pictures emerge

Recent murmurs that Nokia is developing a miniature version of its N97 mobile phone have since gained fresh credibility, following publication of images which show the slimmed-down model in the flesh. N97_Mini_01 The N97 (left) beside a phone thought to be the rumoured N97 Mini Images courtesy of Engadget Earlier this …


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  1. Tim Hale 1


    Maybe they shouldn't be so keen to push it since most, if not all, the N97 reviews seem to think it's rubbish (for differing reasons, perhaps, but the central theme is still the same). Making it smaller will only make it a smaller amount of rubbish!

  2. Ash 6
    Thumb Down

    N97 Mini

    Totally agree with the above comments by Tim Hale 1!

  3. Simon Buttress

    Ooh I dunno

    Give them the benefit of the doubt, Nokia could be working hard to address some of the well documented issues of the N97 much like they did with the N95 to the N95 8GB

    Capacitive touchscreen? Faster CPU? Who knows!

  4. Steve Evans

    Why bother?

    They've done the same thing as they did with the N95 to N95 8gig... Namely removed useful things. The N95 lost it's lens cover too, and the microSD memory slot. I stuck with the original N95 and was happy.

    How are you supposed to navigate on the N97mini? There is no navigation pad... All with touch screen? Yuck...

    Then again, be nice for Vodafone to release a new follow up... Orange still haven't managed to release the first one... First there was silence, then there was "Coming soon", now that's vanished and the silence has returned. Bound to be their crappy customer firmware again...

    Have a look at this blog... Almost a months worth of Orange not knowing what it's doing from the customer perspective.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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