back to article Smut page ransomware Trojan ransacks browsers

Russian cybercrooks have come up with a variant of ransomware scams, which works by displaying an invasive advert for online smut in users' browsers that victims are extorted to pay to remove. The Ransompage Trojan will display a persistent ad inline on every page that a surfer on an infected Windows machine visits. The ad for …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Wow, free porn, you say?

    I must immediately switch back to Windows!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Nothing New

    Ive had this happen on a few of my sites and sites that I go on... Not sure how it got there but got it fixed.

    Took them a while to figure out it exists, didnt it?

  3. Tom_

    Differing service for different browsers

    How come Opera users get a 'ruder' picture? How is that fair?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I don't understand, is this exploiting holes in all these browsers to install itself, or is this a virus that needs to get onboard another way and then, once up and running, intercepts HTTP traffic to alter the web pages you view on these browsers?

  5. John Dann

    Reg - take note

    'The ad for a pornographic website covers parts of the original webpage, making it even more annoying. '

    This sounds just like the current Cisco ad that plasters itself across most Reg pages at present, thereby 'covering parts of the original webpage'. There must be a word in media circles for an ad that is actually counter-productive. Guess why I've taken the pledge not to buy any Cisco-branded parts for the foreseeable future.

  6. Jaybirduk

    Another Opera win!

    Im still an Opera fan despite having to fall back to IE/Firefox to make some websites work - my persistance has paid off with better pr0n ads!

  7. Clint Sharp

    Well, it's an improvement

    Over the bloody Cisco ad that keep popping up covering content on El Reg.. At least you can pay to get rid of the ransomware.

  8. Dex

    Begs the question....

    ....If thier screenshot is to be believed and that Firefox shows "Informer" in the Extentions list (saying it's not compatible)...whats to stop the user removing it that way [via the extentions list] and not pay?

  9. J 3

    @Wow, free porn, you say?

    No need to go back to Windows. You can easily find the pr0n, sans malware, on any platform...

  10. Kev K

    jumping on the Cisco ad bandwagon

    I always make the effort to view El Reg in IE and have even clicked on a few adds that did interest me but that Cisco is getting right on my manboobs now.

  11. Nordrick Framelhammer

    Related to malware?

    If it involves porn wouldn't a better name for it be something like todgerware or fapware?

  12. Kevin Bailey

    Where's this Cisco ad?

    Can't even remember it.

    Might be your Browser - but here on Ubuntu/FF all latest I can't even remember any Cisco ad.

  13. Roger Pearse

    Why not block Russia

    What does Russia contribute to the internet, other than malware? Surely the answer is just to block Russian access to the internet?

  14. Tiny Iota

    What website is that?

    I like the way that Symantec fuzz out the URL of the websites displayed, but leave the massive "Google" logo

  15. kissingthecarpet

    Re:Cisco Adverts et al.


    That Is All.

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