back to article Citrix: A long run to VMware

What a contrast Citrix Systems and VMware make in the server and desktop virtualization arenas. And who would have guessed that Citrix would have been the more profitable company in the most recent quarter? But it's true. Even though VMware is a somewhat larger company, Citrix trumped them thanks in large part to its vast …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In contrast?

    Citrix' product license sales plummeted by 15.5 per cent in the quarter to $129.7m, license update sales rose by 8.8 percent to $149.3m

    VMware's software license sales fell by 19.8 per cent, VMware was able to rake in $189m in software maintenance fees, up 39 per cent

    So looking at license sales Citrix isn't doing that bad after all, right?

  2. stizzleswick

    Let's wait and see.

    From experience currently still being made, I believe Citrix have something going that may spike both Microsoft's and VMware's wheels.

    A company I am doing IT consulting for (and with) has recently dropped HyperV (after it was impossible to get it to work stably) and then decided against VMware server because Xen simply is cheaper ($ 0.00) and handles better. XenServer is a lean and mean machine that is a joy to work with -- during testing, the other two players experienced a huge variety of problems, whereas XenServer was stoically stable from installation onwards.

    With their traditional close ties to MS they manage to get more varieties of Windows running stable as VMs than MS themselves do. If they can keep that up for the next few years, we may see a new market leader.

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