back to article Breathe Networks asks for euthanasia

Internet service provider Breathe Networks Ltd (BNL) has applied to be struck off the UK Register of Companies, The Register has learned. The move comes days after administrators moved into the ISP, which has persisted through various changes of ownership since the dotcom peak. On Monday the firm, whose current offices are …


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  1. Rob


    I was more shocked by the fact they were still around than they were going under. I used breathe quite a lot back in the day (when I was a student). For a free service it did the job, I can even remember the TV ads they had going....... [mind starts wondering and reminiscing]

  2. Ian 11


    It makes me smile to see that in some way IT is causing farmers some inconvenience.

    Just like I, as an IT worker, am caused inconvenience on my way to or home from work by their tractors trundling along busy single lane roads at 15mph during rush hour EVERY GOD DAMN FUCKING DAY.

    Yes, I feel the scales have tipped ever so slightly towards balance in the universal battle between IT workers travelling to work and farmers, well, just being inconsiderate arseholes as usual.

    Eat that farmers! Just wait until your tractors are computerised.

    The Monster Raving Loony Party had the best policies - keep farm vehicles on farms, especially during rush hour.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Unfortunate swines

    It's unfortunate when a company goes into administration, but not telling your customers that their email is being cut-off, is a shitty, malicious and unnecessary thing to do.

  4. Mark.L.P

    Spin ftw

    Steve kaye made a release to ispreview

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Sorry, I can't see that without hearing the 'Buy'N'Large' jingle.

  6. Simon C

    I remember when

    I used to be part of the rank of the helpdesk back in the late 90's.

    It was a laid back affair, in keeping with its trendy image and obnoxious clientele,

    Duke Nukem was played across the 10-12 computers there, until some wise man decided to play with an Exec behind him - brilliant.

    Then came the great decision to start hosting certain gay mail addresses - cant remember for the life of me the domains.

    It particularly sticks in my mind as I was asked by one unnamed customer to resolve an issue he had with collecting his email.

    Turns out his pop account was chocka block of the sort of gay porn even a liberal person like myself had to wince at.

    Needless to say my jumping ship (along with a host of others) was well timed, 12-18months later they were in the pan and shipped off to GUS.

    However I will always have a fondness in my heart for Breathe - for that was my first foray into the tech world which up until recently became a 10 year career.

    RIP Breathe, you were sh1t but we loved you.

  7. Trev 2

    It's what they did to those they bought

    Always thought I'd avoid them, but they quietly bought Zetnet - the ISP I'd used since 1994 - and all went fairly well until they got rid of key members of staff, moved the email overnight (badly!) and essentially made an amighty mess without telling anyone what was happening. I'm fortunate to be one of those who is closer to sources with inside knowledge than the majority of customers.

    At least we can rely on the Register to get some of the truths about what was actually going on at Breathe - pity they couldn't be bothered to tell their customer base.

    As for the management buyout - in essence we end up with the people who messed up the company and it's takeovers running the new company. Wonder how long it'll be before the Register is talking about Breathe going belly up for the 5th time!

  8. Florence Stanfield
    Thumb Down

    They recently took over identnet

    This whole thing stinks how can they be buying out companies while they are planning to be struck off at companies house. This whole affair needs to be investigated it smells fishy must be lots of dirty washing hanging around creditors swing for their money but someone is sitting pretty as a fatcat.

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