back to article Google spins YouTube into future profit machine

Fed up with all the speculation over the financial health of YouTube, Google has fought back in classic Google fashion - i.e. it's burbling vague claims that can only lead to more speculation. In April, a free-thinking Credit Suisse analyst told the world that YouTube was on pace to lose $470.6 million this year, and ever …


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  1. Andy Moore 1
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    Go Buzz

    Lovely to see, Buzz has just jumped up a notch in my estimation.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Buzz Aldrin

    ... is a hero!

  3. Jerome 0


    Or you could watch just the interesting part, by searching for "Aldrin punch" on, of all places, YouTube. There's only a few thousand copies of the video. Modern technology, eh?

  4. Reg Wells
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    Guy was a D***

    As the Russians were racing the US to the moon, regardless of anything they tried to claim later, if there had been any fakery they would have a had a field day exposing the Capitalist lies to the world and his dog. That to me is the biggest indicator that the moon landings were not faked.

  5. Scott Mckenzie

    People watch that shit?

    Christ, i was falling asleep watching them on a news program, i couldn't imagine what the full show would be like!

    If YouTube rely on stuff like that for money - they're fucked!

  6. john.w

    Occam's Razor

    Always a good way to make a judgement. In this case it would have been easier to land on the Moon than fake it in such a way that it would never ever be found out.

  7. Mike007


    while i have my doubts about if they did go to the moon (mostly on the basis that they don't seem able to do it now with more advanced technology!), i have to say it's far more likely than the obvious lie in that video - a judge with common sense? i'm not falling for that one...

  8. Peyton


    Is that guy a believer now??

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Think of the Childrens!

    While I agree the guy deserved to get clocked, that certainly doesn't set a good example for "The Childrens!"

    "Agree with me or I'll punch you" seems to be the message there.

  10. sirrion

    Think of the Childrens!

    --"Agree with me or I'll punch you" seems to be the message there.

    Are you serious? The message seems to be more like "Just who the hell do you think you are calling me a liar and a coward?" and that some people just don't listen to words so action is necessary to change things. Buzz told him to stop and get away from him but he persisted... so, as the Judge reportedly said, he had it coming. :)

  11. Anonymous Coward
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    @Think of the Childrens!

    but "be an annoying twat pestering me in my face and i'll punch you" is a good message, although i personally wouldn't risk it on the yoof, they'll stab ya, init

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Soapbox on scrapheap.

    Anyway, away from the moon landing did it happen or not crap, did you here that M$ is killing off its youtube competitor, soapbox. Did anybody EVEN KNOW that M$ had had a youtube competitor? (Browser and my OS not supported, so can't tell what a "winner" it was.)

    So while google thinks it has worked out a way to make some cash out of Youtube, M$ has to kill off another unpopular me too clone, which no one uses and bleeds cash like no tommorrow.

    How long can money hemorrhaging junk like Xpox, Gune etc last now M$ has a taste for removing dead weight?

  13. John Taylor 1


    That was a square on smack in the jaw to an ignorant ijiot ;) Think Buzz should get an honorary medal for that one, maybe a framed picture of the incident ;)

    The guy was in his face and generally being an prize pr*ck so he deserved the words of one of the presenters on that clip 'sometimes you just gotta pop em one' :)

  14. eiocreative
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    Thats the way..

    to do it!! Nothing says shut the f&!K up like a good hook. What an annoying little weasle that guy is! Buzz you are a hero!!!

  15. Chris Lang

    Google, King of Misdirection

    A number of things come to mind:

    YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, that makes it Google's second most valuable property. More searches are conducted on YouTube than Bing or Yahoo.

    Second, YouTube is now a social network, run by the Google Friend Connect engine. That makes if doubly valuable.

    Third, Google has more server data centers than Microsoft and Yahoo put together. Many can say the fiber optic pipes cost them Millions, but Facebook makes no money at all. They really do lose $75 Million a year. Digg is not in much better shape, one of FB's main properties using Facebook Connect.

    The Google OS will drive even more users into Google Apps, like Gmail where they display AdWords ads just like Google Friend Connect is. I personally have added a few thousand users to Gmail by pushing GFC on my marketing blogs.

    In the end Google will win out, they can just wait for the competition to go broke.

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