back to article PC market to shrink for first time since dot com crash

iSuppli thoroughly dampened any PC industry euphoria in the wake of Intel's happy results yesterday, predicting that this year will show the first overall contraction of PC shipments since the dot com crash. Intel reported a better than expected second quarter yesterday, with the fastest revenue climb in 20 years, and …


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  1. rhydy


    SSDs should reverse this trend, hopefully before Christmas. I think the performance gains are massive for running a system drive on an SSD. Combine that with an M$ OS that lives up to the hype, and I think a lot of people will be thinking that it is a good time for a refresh of laptop and desktop, I certainly do. Once SSDs come down in price I think this will have a big impact on the market, the performance and capacities are already there, just the scale of production that is needed now. I have already upgraded my 2003 PATA desktop to a new one in readiness for an SSD system drive >128G, probably a RAID, with everything else (media, archives) on a good old spinner with a Terabyte or so? The laptop will follow once big SSDs are established for nOtEbooks.

  2. Joe K
    Gates Horns


    "and even the imminent launch of a Microsoft operating system is seen as a beacon of hope."

    Isn't that what they said about Vista?

  3. Richard 102


    "the imminent launch of a Microsoft operating system is seen as a beacon of hope."

    Good gravy, have we sunk that low?

  4. Goat Jam


    There's no need to wait. I already have a home server running off 64Gb SSD (more than enough for Ubuntu server) with the media files being served off 3 x 1TB WD Green drives in RAID 1. Mobo is an Intel Atom based microITX. 1Gb RAM and no optical drive. It wasn't particularly expensive to set this up. I don't know how much power it draws idling but if it is more than 50W total I'll eat a bug.

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