back to article Royal Society of Chemistry hunts Janet Leigh

The Royal Society of Chemistry is rather improbably looking for a Janet Leigh lookalike to star in a homage to the celebrated shower scene from Psycho. The planned reenactment of Leigh's demise - entitled Shower Murder - is planned for the 50th anniversary of the original. It's designed to show us Brits just how much water we' …


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  1. Psymon

    good greif!

    I remember the first wave of campaign adverts demanding that we take showers instead of baths!

    Now we're being told that's not enough, we have to take shorter showers?

    What's next?

    "Stop! that flannel is too wet!"

    So, it's definately our fault? Nothing to do with heavy industry usage, or the vast quantities of water wasted by our stingy prvatised water companies who refuse to shell out for repairs on leaking pipes?

    Oh, and have also coincidentally made massive profits?

    Yeah, I'll shorten the length of time I spend in the shower.

    And next time there's a massive earthquake, I'll pop along with my harthbrush and dustpan.

  2. Dave Murray
    Paris Hilton

    60 second shower?

    I can't get all my hair wet in 60 seconds let alone wash it. (it does hang past my belt)

    Guess the Royal Society of Chemistry are jealous coz they're all going bald!

  3. Efros
    Paris Hilton

    RSC gone loopy

    They have completely lost the plot, what on earth has Psycho got to do with chemistry, tenuous link to water use and so what on earth has chemistry got to do with that. Shurely should be the Royal Hydrological Society (if it exists) or OfWat. Complete bollocks, hope the RSC members are happy with the use of their not insubstantial dues.

    Paris cos she has her own shower scenes on film.

  4. James 5

    I preferred the other..

    ... story on the RSC site.

    About extraction Hydrogen from urine for fuel cells.....

    Now they're really taking the piss.....

    and if it comes to pass you can be sure that the government will tax us all for production of a fuel fluid.

  5. LuMan

    Lenny Henry....

    ....has already done this for Premier Inn Hotels (or something).

    Still, if the RSoC wants someone to see how 'shower-worthy' nubile young wannabes are I'll gladly take on the job!!

  6. K Silver badge


    5 years ago we were told to stop taking baths as they waste water, now showers?? They talk shite, now they can smell like it! but don't expect me to follow suite.

  7. Bassey

    In fairness

    Their analysis will be somewhat unrepresentative. The average shower waste doesn't include several pints of blood.

  8. JohnG Silver badge

    Let's cut down on the 646 person "shower" in Westminster.

    That would save the country some resources - mostly cash.

    It sounds like the blokes at the Royal Society of Chemistry don't get out much and are trying this in a desperate attempt to meet girls in swimwear.

  9. Count Ludwig
    Paris Hilton

    Wasted water

    So what does the RSC think happens to all the water that flushes away? Does it disappear for ever, or does it end up somewhere else, like the sea, re-evaporate and fall again as rain?

    Paris, coz I just like the photo.

  10. not'known@this.address

    I'm with Queenie

    Victoria that is - I have one bath a year, whether I need it or not. And no speccy-four-eyed git in a Royal Society is going to tell me otherwise - that's why I have a water meter, you hairy-faced killjoy.

    Go play with the particle flow in a fast breeder reactor. (mumble mumble)

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Stop! that flannel is too wet!" <-- Made me laugh out loud.

    I love how I'm told by the government to lower my engery usage, while the electronics store down the street keeps its 100+ lights and appliances on all night.

  12. skeptical i

    60 seconds? Seriously?

    Aside from the dubious merit of associating water conservation with a horror flick (a "Don't lollygag in the shower or this could happen to you" tagline would be newsworthy, but would it actually get results?), who came up with the 60- second shower idea? Holders of stock in companies that make deodorant?

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