back to article Apple ups stake in UK mobile chippery

Apple and Intel have seen the future, and it's mobile - and both companies are putting big money into a UK company whose chip designs are becoming increasingly attractive to companies battling in the mobile arena. In a brief statement today, mobile-graphics chip designer Imagination Technologies announced that Apple had …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why don't ARM buy these guys out ?

    I'm thinking along the lines of AMD buying ATI. OK, that isn't working yet.. !

  2. Ed
    Thumb Up

    Tablet etc

    Would be interesting to see a tablet designed around the iPhone OS (or similar) made with mobile components. The iPhone can achieve around 10 hours of fairly light usage with a pretty small battery - a tablet could have a much larger battery and perhaps very good battery life (depending on the screen I guess)...

    I'd say they're mostly waiting for flash prices to come down, I'd say a tablet needs at least 64GB of memory - or perhaps we'll see an SD slot like the MacBook Pros have now?

  3. Charles Manning

    re: Idea

    ARM don't own any chip manufacturing and don't want to. They get a cut from everyone using ARM designs in their chip manufacturing.

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