back to article ISS crew snaps erupting volcano

NASA has published an impressive snap of the recent eruption of the Sarychev Peak volcano, captured by the crew of the International Space Station: The Sarychev Peak eruption. Pic: NASA The volcano, which lies in the Kuril Island chain northeast of Japan, blew its top on 12 June, an event captured during a "fortuitous orbit …


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  1. John Bayly
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    Saw this on the Telegraph yesterday

    Absolutely stunning. I especially like the way the cloud has been cleared around the eruption.

  2. Anonymous John
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  3. Eric Crippen

    Too cool...

    Who cares if it's not I.T. related. Now I have to see if there are some more pics.

  4. Steve Foster

    "cropped and enhanced..."

    Is that a euphemism for "we made this volcano in the same studio we used for the faked moon landings, and we had to cut out the crater impressions"?

  5. spezzer

    great pic...

    but what about global warming - is there gonna be a carbon offset? wonder how many airliner exhausts it equates to - kinda pisses all over global warming really!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Well...that's my wallpaper sorted out for the forseable future.

    My guess is that the white couldy bit is caused by hot humid air rising from the bottom to the top top, then condensing and falling back into the ash cloud where it is heated again.

    But y'know, it's probably deadly gas or something!

  7. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Splendid shot

    Where can we see more ?

  8. Yorkshirepudding
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    holy smokes

    thats impressive..... most impressive

    amazing to see the ash and steam interacting that way

  9. Alex Wright

    Only using Nikon D2?

    I'm very surprised they haven't flown up a few D3Xs by now!

  10. Colin 4


    What an awesome picture ! A view you could never get any other way ... ISS, I salute you !

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'd seen the photo but the person posting it neglected to mention it had been taken from the ISS.


  12. Anonymous Coward


    "NASA explains that the picture is of particular interest to vulcanologists because it show "several phenomena that occur during the earliest stages of an explosive volcanic eruption"

    Like handily labelling the 'pyroclastic flow' and 'Ostrov Matua'

    Seriously though, fabulous shot - I never would've guessed that the top of the plume would look like that - I'd assumes ash all over!

  13. Richard 102
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    @Steve Foster

    No, the Apollo landing studios were shut down, as O.J. Simpson showed in his excellent documentary "Capricorn 1".

  14. Mark Jan

    Just Bought it thanks!

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  15. Mark Jan
    Paris Hilton

    Totally Selfish

    Totally selfish of this volcano, spewing out all that CO2.

    Who's supposed to pay the tax?

    Paris, because she too knows it's all bollocks.

    And she knows her bollocks.

  16. tuna 1

    Ooooh The Humanity!!!!

    A million baby seals will die when their 'berg melts and they fall into theensuing hot-tub of death. Who will pay for this tragedy? How can I help avert such a calamity?$?$?$

  17. Anonymous Coward
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    This is good news for the planet.

    We need several decent -sized volcanoes to go off in unpopulated parts of the world, ideally nearer to the poles than the equator, they chuck dust up into the upper atmosphere and cool the atmosphere. Krakatoa did that pretty well, but it was a bit lairy and a bit too close to where people lived.

    Could give us some pretty sunsets on our summer hols this year too.

    Great pics though, especially the cloud condensing on top of the plume.

  18. Big Al
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    Aha! Found you, you little blighter (again)

    Or even without the labels and in a larger format at


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