back to article Voltaire's monster Infiniband switch

Voltaire is announcing general availability of its 40Gbit/s quad data rate InfiniBand switch at today's International SuperComputing 2009 event. The company launched an Ethernet switch earlier this month: an 8500 with 288 ports. But InfiniBand is still Boss Hogg, as the Grid Director 4700 features a 51.8Tbit/s backplane …


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  1. Turnip Boy
    IT Angle

    Who doesn't..

    who doesn't want a couple of these babies? i'm going to have a wet turnip just thinking about them.

  2. E 2


    will IB replace PCIe? It works better on the mobo that PCIe, and it has better packet infrastructure.

    AMD, you need a leg up, you listening?

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