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The teary-eyed owner of 9/11 hero Trakr - the dog who pulled the last survivor from the rubble of the World Trade Center - has been presented with five clones of his beloved mutt, AFP reports. Former Canadian cop James Symington and Trakr arrived at Ground Zero on 12 September 2001, among the first "K9" search and rescue teams …


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  1. Ray0x6


    Did this guy name his dog in lolpspk?

  2. Jack Harrer


    Look at the photo... Cutie little puppies... They damn should be if they cost 144k each! ;)

  3. richard 69
    IT Angle


    those beautiful german shepherds that look like every other german shepherd pup, just amazing that new science gadgetry stufff....amazing....

  4. chris

    The cloned dog is named "Deja-Vu"

    I know that I've seen that dog somewhere before???????

  5. A B 3
    Paris Hilton

    McClone, can I take your order...

    I'll have two Dannii Minogue's a side order of Christina and a Paris. Make it go.

    Actually make that a 'Diet Paris.'


  6. Mike Richards


    I assume that's the traditional spelling.

  7. David Given

    A better idea

    You know, instead of cloning the dog, they could clone the terrorists instead. That way they could give them a televised show trial and then execute them.

  8. No, I will not fix your computer
    Thumb Down

    The price of a single canine copy at $144K?

    Or more correctly;

    The price of a single canine copy at $144K, and you get the dead mutant stillborns free!

    The current cloning process does not produce perfect clones first time (who knows maybe the failures don't suffer, but if they do the owner is responsible for this suffering, not that caring of a lost loved one perhaps?), and in fact because of the need to use eggs from a donor and use a surrogate, the clone usually has DNA from both and isn't really a clone, technically a chimera the animal has been produced by cloning techniques but is not a true clone as it won't be genetically identical (close, but not identical).

  9. Anonymous Coward


    What was special about the dog? That it did what it was trained for? Or is it special because sad sad human attribute the dog some sort of human emotions and reactions? Was it brave because it went into the wtc although to the dog it was just a smelly place with noice?

    Seriously its just a damm dog.

  10. fran 2


    a barking idea

  11. Mike 61

    what is stopping us/you/them

    from actually cloning a person, and if it is only ethics, how many clones have been made already? Also, what (aside from the cash) would stop me or anyone else from getting a public sample of someones DNA from ....something ... they have discarded in the trash, a used bandage perhaps, and having a clone made. How about a little creative grave robbing, eg: Marilyn Monroe. Seems like the famous and recently dead would be ripe (pun intended) for this.

    Granted you would *probably* wait for the clone to come of age before you could legally make the beast with two backs with Marilyn v2.0. That is provided Clones have rights, do they?

    Then there is the whole crimes committed by clones who's originator has the perfect alibi. So much for DNA evidence..

    I could go on, but I have samples to collect ;)

    mines the one with the swab and petrie dish in the pocket.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Well thats all fine and dandy...

    ...until in an unforeseen turn of events they all turn into rabid, savage, mutant, hell-hounds bent on revenge against their genetic meddling overlords!

    I for one am stocking up on guns & ammo & poisned steaks...

  13. Marvin the Martian

    These stories help scientific understanding.

    "The physical similarities are uncanny. He's the spitting image of the Trakr that I first met in 1995. He has exactly the same markings, the way he moves, everything. Very alert, very intelligent and intuitive."

    So we have five baby shepherds uncannily moving like baby shepherds do (well, if the little 1pound Trustt walks like a 45pound shepherd, we're deep in the twilight zone I admit)? Stop the presses!

    More interestingly, you have 5 genetically identical dogs, and even the teareyed owner notices four of them hardly resemble the 6th. Why? Because DNA goes only so far. Same DNA and different methylation (i.e., activation of genes) pattern... and even if they start the same (as in identical twins) then the differences increase over the lifetime.

    Newsflash! Dawkins has been consciously lying to you for 20years, disclaiming epigenetics and all other non-"DNA=sourcecode" findings. (Well, might be sourcecode, but only if you put lots of power and parameters separately in the compiler.) Good thing he's been replaced by less of a mediawhore.

  14. Paul Hates Handles


    720k... you could buy 50 pups and feed the losers to the winners during training for far less money.

  15. Filippo


    "No I will not": why would you say that the clone has DNA from the egg donor, or from the surrogate mother? As far as I know, that's not true - the donor's DNA is removed from the egg before implanting the clone's, and mothers don't transfer DNA to the fetus after conception. A reference would be appropriate.

    Mike 61: I don't see why a hypothetical human clone wouldn't have rights. Human cloning is illegal in most countries, but the clone himself wouldn't have committed any crime. I'm not aware of any nation with laws that discriminate depending on the method of conception, and that's the only difference between a clone and any other citizen.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I'm glad that noone made a cheap shot about South Korea and dogs. That would have been awful.

  17. Steven Hunter


    He's talking about the mitochondrial DNA. ( This is DNA that is gained only from your biological mother by way of the ovum.

    Generally this DNA has no real effect on an organism (at least not in the way that nuclear DNA, the DNA in each cell's respective nuclei, controls your various physical features).

    PS: "Nuclear DNA" would be a great name for a band.

  18. Owen Milton

    A Human Clone

    Last time I checked, which I admit was a while ago in the US at least corps could file patents on the genetic material they work with in the lab. So you may be able to create a clone, and it would have full rights as a person but it would also be the patented property of his/her creator corporation. The PERSON would be free, the corp would have the right to dictate how/where it is used... Do we really want people who are free but owned? That sounds double plus ungood.

    Granted, fix the patent system to fix the abuses and clone away!

  19. frank ly

    @Filippo re.@above

    AFAIK, the donor egg cytoplasm (the sac that contained the original discarded nucleus) contains 'mitochondrial DNA' that carries out and regulates the cell's activity, mainly metabolic activity.

    The nucleus, from the 'original animal' is what carries the nuclear DNA and this determines things such as number and size of legs, colour of eyes, etc, etc.

    The interaction between cellular cytoplasmic activity, mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA, especially as it affects the characteristics of a clone, is not and cannot be fully understood since there has not been a history of studied clones.

    Mitochondrial DNA is normally only inherited from the mother so changes very little (and so is useful for various studies of long term genetic drift and inherited defects caused by mitochondrial DNA malfunction, etc) but in the case of a clone, the mitochondrial DNA and the entire cytoplasm structure is inherited from the donor. Hence you cannot say that a clone made in this way will only have the characteristics from the nuclear DNA of the original animal.

  20. Adrian Esdaile

    Nice to know...

    ...there was absolutely NOTHING else to spend that money on. Maybe support for resuce workers with lung problems?

    Why not replace every dog on earth with clones of that dog, that way massive building collapses due to poor design will never happen again! YAY! Flowers!

    You know it makes sense.

    And flames, because fire-rated fire stairs help when you see them....

  21. Keith T
    Thumb Up

    Trackr died of lung disease contracted during the search of the WTC

    Trackr died of lung disease contracted during the search of the WTC post 9-11. He was 11 or 12 at the time.

  22. Georgees

    He waited for you...


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