back to article Yamaha TSX-130 iPod dock

Back in 2006, Yamaha established a special R&D department to look at desktop products. The thinking behind this was to utilise some of the company’s high-end AV know-how and apply it to a new range of products further down the food chain. Yamaha TSX-130 iPod dock Yamaha's TSX-130 iPod dock includes CD player, DAB radio and …


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  1. David Gosnell

    Cheesy string, or stringy cheese?

    Is the emphasis of this really an iPod dock with the bonus of CD player, DAB etc, or an upmarket boombox (a la Bose Wave etc, and done rather better by all accounts) that happens to have an iPod dock? With an iPod dock sadly to be assumed on just about anything that can make sound these days, it's really no longer the major selling point, surely?

  2. A B 3
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    I am so jealous

    Plenty of drool factor. Yamaha know how it's done.

    But why -25%? Because of the price?

  3. m hutchinson


    A decent DAB radio, decent CD player, ipod dock and the box should add up to no more than £250. Add in a discount for manufacturing it all as one package and you are looking at around £200. Vastly overpriced.

  4. Simon Martin
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    Baa humbug - call that a stereo

    How can anybody pay that much money for a system that will not give stereo sound unless you stick your head about 50cm from it?

  5. Bad Beaver
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    What, no inputs?

    Off to the landfill! If this had optical / analog inputs, the latter a truly unforgivable omission at any price, it would make for a swell around-the-house system.

  6. TechnoDom
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    I want one!

    This is just what the market needs. After the lovely but incomplete BOSE - which most of my friends bought, this fills the slot and as the reviewer says hit's my market perfectly 40+ want an alarm clock, plus DAB and FM and CD and iPOD, surely the only thing missing from this combo is internet radio but do I really want that when I have all the other options, no. 4kg in weight also implies its made of some solid materials which will help with the sound quality no end - most iPOD dock could be blown over they're so light.

    I'm loving this and off the buy one asap.

  7. Antidisestablishmentarianist


    "A decent DAB radio, decent CD player, ipod dock and the box should add up to no more than £250"

    Really? How do you figure that. Do you know the prices of all the components - how much their R&D costs, at what level that's amortised across their product line etc etc? Perhaps they're building up to a quality rather than down to a price?

    Unless you're just saying, "I wouldn't pay more than 250, so therefore nothing should cost more than 250 - I have spoken", in which case you'd be a noily pra.

  8. Chewy

    RE: Overpriced

    You obviously haven't seen the prices that Naim charge for their kit if you think £250 is top end

  9. Goat Jam
    Paris Hilton

    Flippy Flappy

    What is it with all the ipod docks coming out these days? A few years back I bought a Logitech dock and the ipod slides into the slot and mates with the connector at the bottom. The ipod is held in place and the stress on the connector is virtually nil.

    Theses days all the docks come with a connector sticking out of the top and the ipod just sits on top, and the connector takes 100% of the mechanical strain.

    I realise that this is simply a cost saving measure to accommodate all the different sized ipods (the logitech came with adaptor sleeves which you would select based on the ipod model) but it still strikes me as crappy design, especially in the case of such an uber expensive device such as this.

    Paris, because her dock is one size fits all too

  10. Schoofs

    Nice but ...

    I bet it doesn't sound as nice as my Yam YZF-R6 running at 15k rpm!

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