back to article Intel to play hi-lo in 2009

Rumor has it that Intel will beef up both the bottom and top of its desktop-processor lines in the second half of this year with the release of new Celeron and Core i7 processors. According to a report by the market-watchers at Taiwan's DigiTimes, the Celeron E1000 series will be retired and replaced by in the third quarter of …


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  1. Rob Beard
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    Interesting about the Celerons. I guess Intel are trying to counter the new range of Athlon X2 chips from AMD. I'll probably stick with the Pentium Dual Core I have for now but if I build another system I will seriously consider a Celeron Dual Core.


  2. A B 3
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    @Rob Beard

    Your penny lust prevents you from witnessing the thrill of truly fast 'computing'.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ A B 3

    Now, now, there's nothing wrong with taking time to ensure that new-fangled technologies actually work properly before jumping in with both feet. Nobody ever got killed by not being on the bleeding edge. Or even several generations behind it.

  4. Wortel


    After having had the taste of previous Celerons I do believe i'll never buy such a piece of crap ever again if at all possible, I don't care how many new features they give it. I don't know what Intel does to those things that makes them degrade faster than 'normal' processors and run hotter and hotter as they do, but it sure as hell isn't worth it for a consumer looking to have several years of stable performance at a decent price.

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