back to article Amazon pays $51m to settle Toys R Us divorce must pay Toys R Us $51 million to settle a 2004 lawsuit seeking to scrap an exclusive distribution deal with the toy retailer. The web retailer said in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission its an "unanticipated" sum that will be payed in full during its third quarter. In return, Toys R Us is …


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  1. A B 3
    Jobs Halo


    Aren't contracts pretty black & white about this sought of thing. Do lawyers rack their brains trying to find loopholes after the document is already signed?

    I refer you to Apple wiggling out its license agreements with clone makers, by adding more licenses to be purchased.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Am I the first to wonder...

    who threw their toys out the pram first?

    Mine's the one with "Shop Smart - Shop S-Mart" on the back and the chainsaw tucked neatly in the pocket.

  3. Victor Meldrew 1


    I wonder if they'll pay with monopoly money

  4. Thomas 3 Silver badge

    @A B 3

    Contracts tend to be black and white about the obligations on either party; clauses that establish penalties for failure to abide by the obligations are binding only if they amount to a genuine preestimate of loss.

    Apple had an agreement that clone manufacturers would have access to all releases of Mac OS 7. They rebranded Mac OS 7.7 as Mac OS 8, meaning that they didn't have to give clone manufacturers any access. I guess the clone manufacturers saw the potential loophole but simply didn't have the bargaining power to dictate more reasonable terms.

  5. Flybert

    @ hmmmm ..

    errrr .. in the sense $ USD is quickly becoming about as valuable as Monopoly $$$ .. yes !

    @ Contracts .. they were written by American Lawyers to begin with, so of course it wasn't "pretty black and white" .. there's no profit for lawyers in America without ambiguities .. unless they hit the big time with even greater ambiguities as politicians

  6. James O'Brien

    @Victor Meldrew 1

    Sure they wouldn't be making out on that one? Pretty sure the Monopoly money is worth more then a greenback these days.

    @AC 07:55

    Damn You. . .

    Nice Ash reference though

    @El Reg

    Seriously why in gods name do I have to keep typing in my handle? I set the bloody thing on the account page surely it could just REMEMBER IT!!!

  7. Barry 4

    @James O'Brien

    If the greenback is worth less than monopoly money, where does that leave sterling? An arbitrage opportunity here?

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Toys R Us

    Oh, those monkeys whose US online store will only accept US credit cards, whose UK online store will only accept UK credit cards, and whose Malaysian store is extremely overpriced (RM1600 for a Wii? you've got to be joking!) and is absolutely lacking in good toys.

    I'll give it a pass. I get my collectibles off eBay anyway. Either them or through Amazon via a forwarding service anyway.

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