back to article Japanese pop pineapple recovers from Swede mashing

We're delighted to report that Japanese pop pineapple Hideki Kaji evidently recovered from the mashing he received at the hands of thieves in April, and was able to complete the video for his musical meisterwork Passion Fruits. To recap, Kaji was shooting in Malmö, and "when the film team took a break and the cameramen left …


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  1. Evil Graham
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    Perhaps they thought...

    ... that he was a paedo-pop-pineapple and were juts trying to protect the poor kiddies.

  2. Dave Ross
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    In this country...

    they would have been arrested for filming children...

  3. Pyros

    Perfidious perps pound pop pinapple into purple potash

    (It was a given--I *had* to do it... :D )

  4. Richard Freeman

    I think I have the story line

    While I had difficulty understanding the dialogue the story line seems to be that:

    three young Girls are playing together at a school (a fourth turns up somewhere I did not quite spot where - this is probably mentioned in the dialogue) when they are stalked by a predatory pineapple.

    The girls decide to head for open ground so they can spot the lurking Anana and climb a hill to get warning of its approach.

    The prickly fruit pursues them so they call for reinforcements (another friend turns up) decide to go on the offensive chasing the Pineapple down the street and throwing a ball at it.

    Unfortunately the Pineapple mistakes the ball as a gift and promise of undying love and wiats until nightfall before heading over to the Girls house to play - finding the girls not there (they are inside going to bed) he decides to play on the Trampoline in the hope they will come outside to play but the girls complain to their parents about the Barmy Bromeliad that has been bothering them all day so the parents (and an Uncle who was visiting at the time) Go out and delivery afruit.. righteous beating to the prickly Paedophile....

    So it wasn't a robbery after all

This topic is closed for new posts.

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