back to article UK Communist website abused by Chinese hackers

The website of the Communist Party Of Britain has been infected with malicious code. Infection by the iFrame-F script coincided with local and European election in the UK, marking a time when the minority party website would have had far more visitors than normal. The affected file on the website is associated with serving up …


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  1. Don Mitchell

    Recent hacks

    This may not have anything to do with the websites's content. For example, several large hosting services have been recently attacked from China. A line of javascript was inserted into pages, calling an Adobe Flash exploit. For example:

    <SCRIPT src="Sputnik_files/avqwb_cn.swf"></SCRIPT>

    I recommend running the Secunia scanner, since recent hackers seem to be targetting Flash, Quicktime and the Java runtime.

  2. Pierre Silver badge

    It's all a commie plot

    Supposedly the code targets Windows machines only. Windows is, as everyone knows, a hard-core capitalist OS. So the chaps browsing the commie website from a windows machine are obviously capitalist spies hell-bent to sabotage the People's aspirations to a better life. Hence the malware, embedded deep on the site by the webmaster, through a proxy on China (to dodge the legal spat).

    Prove me wrong

  3. Francis Fish

    Which communist party?

    CPGB - old Russia lovers, although they would deny it (Russian funding did come out in the 80's, much to their embarrassment).

    RCPB(ML) - We love Albania, oh shit, what have we said?

    (We used to love Mao but he was a revisionist who turned his back on Albania so he must be wrong) R generally stands for revolutionary and the ML means Marxist-Leninist (as in we started out pro China before we weren't).

    RCP - became Living Marxism, became spiked!

    Of them all I think only spiked would have the brains to do anything with multi media.

    I bet there's more.

  4. James


    It uses silverlight?

    It's bad enough that none windows users can't use itvplayer let alone find out what the communists will do for us if we vote for them!

  5. Francis Fish



    MOA is where the men went to with their dog. spot

  6. Charles Decker

    Communist XP

    Considering that piracy of Microsoft platforms is rampant in many Communist countries...that's kind of shooting yourself in the foot, no?

  7. Reg Blank
    Jobs Horns

    @ Pierre

    I can prove you right.

    From the name of the infection we can tell it is an Apple construct, originating from their eastern development centre at Commi-tino.

    Apple, as we all know, has trademarked all applications of a lower-case "i" followed by a capital letter, and if Apple wasn't involved then these hackers would also be guilty of trademark infringement.

    I for one find that hard to believe, because they wouldn't want to face the wrath of those hard-line Chinese trademark cops!

  8. Jerome
    Gates Horns


    "The affected file on the website is associated with serving up Microsoft Silverlight script, suggesting an important part of the site's multimedia environment was affected by the security breach"

    Surely it can't be an important part, if it serves up Silverlight?

  9. Andrew Goodall

    Fifth Colunist removed

    Thanks for the heads up on the infection - we have now addressed the issue and resolved the underlying problem - The underlying problem of Capitalism will take a little longer to solve but rest assured we are on that too.

    Andy Goodall

    National Organiser Communist Party

  10. matt
    Gates Halo

    if this is the site

    then it's still infected.

    And it seems their site runs on Win 2003, who says Linux is for Commies!

  11. Andrew

    Freud says...

    I really hope I'm not the only one who read the subhead as 'Moist Malware Mayhem.'

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    No, it's indeed "Moaist": followers of and adherents to great big extinct birds...

  13. Winkypop Silver badge

    Trouble with Chinese exploits is... hour later you feel like another one.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Oh lol.

    Commies deserve it. Take that crap back to north korea or 1980s russia.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @ Winkypop

    hahahahahahaha, ok that was good! You made my afternoon!

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