back to article Plug pulled on ISP over unpaid bills

The ISP peering cooperative LONAP has disconnected one of its members, Wave Rider, over an invoice dispute. LONAP took the action yesterday, and warned other members to shut down peering with the firm, which describes itself as "one of the longest established internet providers in the Midlands", to avoid network problems. The …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The Wave Rider website claims (in the disclaimer) that : "Wave Rider Internet is a Comline Networks Ltd brand."

    The problem is, no such company as Comline Networks Ltd exists in the UK.

    Comline Networks Ltd is listed as a previous name of a new company name for company number 04999653 called "OPENSENSE LTD". However, it seems they've not updated their website in a wee while.

    The "Andy" referenced in the article is COWAN, ANDREW JOHN who has been a Director of a string of disolved companies, including these companies directly related to Wave Rider:

    Company Number: 03041126



    Dissolved: 06/05/2009


    Occupation: TAX CONSULTANT

    Company Number: 03957770

    Company Name: COMLINE GROUP LTD


    Dissolved: 30/08/2005

    Indeed, the current company, Opensense Ltd has overdue accounts: "Accounts Due: 31/10/2008 OVERDUE "

    It looks like he's been forming and disolving companies since 2005 at least.

    So - while Andy might claim he's having problems with the peering folks... it looks like he's had a history of phoenix companies and non-payment.

  2. Shane Orahilly

    I'm sure lots of their customers...

    ...would be commenting here, but there's a slight problem...

  3. Anonymous Coward

    @Shane Orahilly

    HaHa Very true.

    Seems their CEO is doing a little fraudery. Getting paid and doing a bunk with the money.

  4. Ozwadi Ogolugi


    Never heard of them but for sure they (he) sound like complete crooks.

  5. pctechxp

    Pure 1999

    Their website punts Cobalt Qube servers for goodness sake.

    I was looking for references to the RaQ XTR as well, perhaps their customer base wasn't that tech savvy as a website that has not been updated in years would set alarm bells ringing in my head.

    Unless its just a sign of under investment.

  6. Inachu

    STOP dont pay retail price for your ISP!

    I am sure these are all not just junk companies but FLY BY NIGHT companies.

    Pretty sick person to start a company with the intent to make it fail and just there to suck up angel investors money.

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