back to article Sony PSP Go to hit UK in October

In an announcement branded by Sony as “the worst kept secret of E3”, the electronics giant has officially unveiled the PlayStation Portable Go. PSP_Go_001 Sony's PSP Go: will land here in October Despite the UMD-less handheld console’s existence slipping out earlier this week in an allegedly leaked promotional video, Sony …


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  1. Mark


    "Sadly, because of the video leak, Hirai didn’t have much else to add"

    Apart from Gran Turismo launching with it? Or the Metal Gear Solid PSP title,, or the exclusive Resident Evil PSP title, or the direct video store...

    Sometimes you wonder if any of these journalists actually went to E3, or even watched the presentations...

  2. Chris Griffin


    He could have spent at least 20mins explaining why the European price is far more than the North American price! Is it because Europe will get a great bundle of games or extras with the new PSP Go? Or is it because Sony repeatedly make Europe pay for their profit margin???

    So Mr Kaz Hirai, dont tell us that you dont have much to say when clearly there a several things that need answering.....

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    I agree, these exclusive titles should of been included in this article.

    Or given their own article, 800 cars, 60 tracks - would like to see that on the iphone... haha by the time its loaded the battery would be flat.

    The E3 coverage by this site is terrible, why have a "gaming" section if your not going to use it properly!?!?

  4. Mark

    re: Europe

    No it's because

    a) The £ is not as strong as it once was.

    b) There is import dutry levvied on goods manufacturered outside the EU

    c) There is a 1yr minimum manufacturers warranty period in Europe (in US it's 3 months).

    d) Thare are many more regions to support.

    All these things cost money. God I hate "bedroom experts"...

  5. Matt

    well that will sell well!! not!

    £250?! your having a girraffe! for that money id be needing a total architecture update, HD display, camera and gps, 10hour battery, 3g and a blow job!

    unless the developers are going to release some new games for the platform, its gonna be a non starter, PSP titles are plentiful, but expensive and dated... I know Ive bought a total of 0 games for my psp in the past year!

    £100 more than a DSi? if it was £150 id almost consider it... cant deny, it does look rather nice though!

  6. Mark

    re: £250

    It's actually very good price for. £250 gets you a 16GB iPod Touch, or a 16GB PSP.

    The iPod, error plays music (badly) and plays some mediocre games.

    The PSP plays music very well (as like Walkmans, PSP sound pretty darn good), and it's also got a sweet selection of games.

    I take it you missed the bit about Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Pixel Junk Monsters all getting PSP versions.. Several of them release titles...

  7. James Sherwood

    @ Mark

    The website's called Register Hardware for a very good reason - we're all about hardware. As such, we restrict our videogame coverage to the biggest/best/highest selling titles. We're aware that opinions of which titles fall into those categories will differ from person to person, but we limit our videogames coverage to ensure we concentrate our time on bringing you the best, freshest and most interesting stories from the land of hardware. We can’t cover it all – we’re only 1/3 cyborg!

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