back to article Scientists design picture projection specs

Boffins have designed a pair of specs with an embedded head-up display and tracking technology to let the wearer to manipulate content with their eyes. IPMS_hightech_specs Content's projected onto the retina from a chip The prototype hi-tech specs - designed at Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IMPS …


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  1. K
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    Now just add T-Ray so I can see through peoples, perhaps activated by me when I take a "double" glance at somebody... perfect!

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    "Reading a book as you walk down the street will always be tricky, though."

    But watching 6502 assembler scroll past would be cool... for about 10 minutes.

  3. Christoph Silver badge

    Great idea!

    Now company reps will be able to check their sales figures while they race other reps up the M1.

  4. Jimmy Floyd

    Rings a bell

    I seem to remember a similar thing being tested for Lotus Formula 1 drivers circa 1993 and shown on Tomorrow's World. If memory serves, there was a small projector in the driver's helmet which displayed important information on the visor and removed the requirement for the eyes to look down at the dashboard. The idea was that at 200mph even a cursory glance downwards for a fraction of a second would mean the car had travelled ten of metres without the driver watching the road...!

    It didn't catch on. Probably because racing drivers don't watch their instruments anyway.

  5. Nexox Enigma

    @ Jimmy Floyd

    My first thoughts were to display instruments from my car. And possibly control some things.

    To be properly cyberpunk though, the glasses would need to be mirrored. And probably sport some night vision capabilities as well.

    The thing that I never liked about this idea was that batteries and wireless comms are kind of lumpy, and glasses are rather not lumpy. Unless you're a rapper. I think you could mod most of a Nintendo 64 into some of those frames...

  6. Charles Silver badge

    @Jimmy Floyd

    I think in the F1 case, a HUD interfered with a driver's field of view, which in this case is more important than knowing the particulars of the car, which are probably somewhat memorized through practice and experience. Anyway, in F1, if anything really did throw the driver's rhythms off, odds are they won't have a good shot of finishing the race in good position anyway.

  7. E


    I often read a book while walking down the street. It is not difficult.

  8. Reid Malenfant

    They would go perfect with ........

    ........ my surround sound ear plugs with a rectal sub-woofer!

  9. Christopher Ahrens Silver badge


    Just attach a facial recognition device to this and then display people's names and some info about them 'hovering' over their head. I want a pair so much!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Already been done


    iPhone Email'n'Walk.


  11. Anonymous Coward
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    Perfect for spooks

    Combine T-ray for weapons detection (and perving), and facial recognition pulling relevant information from the various dbs the spooks run, it would be very popular as a spook tool.

    Of course if the spooks adopt them, it wouldn't be long before general law enforcement would want them and maybe the military too.

  12. John Smith Gold badge
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    Projected at 1m

    I'll need one at 10cm to be readable.

    However this looks more like head mounted displays as we'd *like* them to be.

    2-way and nearlly small enough to fit in a pair of contact lens (externally powered of course)

    If it can onlly go into production

  13. Chris Harden
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    Yes, but with the book projected into your field of view - maybe you wouldn't be one of the people who make walking through London a whole lot more annoying by not looking where you are going.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Do want!

    Next step, full 3D virtual world overlaying of the real world. I can't wait!

  15. LaeMi Qian Silver badge



    Cant... see.... road.... Big... blue... box... blocking... view...


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