back to article Asus and co. co-opt Nvidia's Ion for mini-PCs

Yesterday, Asus was "considering" Nvidia's Ion platfom. Today, it has product to show. So have rather a lot of its rival Small, Cheap Computer makers. All of them are demo'ing Ion driven kit at Computex. Acer's Revo desktop is already launched, but alongside it we will now see similar machines from ASRock, ECS, MSI, Pegatron …


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  1. Another Anonymous Coward

    Pegatron thingy looks sweet.

    Hopefully that visor on the front has some funky red glow going on... I'd love to have a little evil robot PC.

  2. Shane McCarrick

    When and where?

    And the million dollar question- just when can consumers this side of the water- get their hands on sexy Ion gear?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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