back to article Irish politico in Facebook jub-rub outrage

Emma Kiernan on the Fine Gael website Those of you eligible to vote in the forthcoming elections for Newbridge Town Council in County Kildare might want to consider the impressive political credentials of Fine Gael candidate Emma Kiernan. Ms Kiernan, 27, seen here on the Fine Gael website, was recently out celebrating a chum' …


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  1. Citizen Kaned


    i dont think our local MP - the ugly as hell pube haired gillian merron - looks anywhere near that good. i could handle shite government if they looked 1/2 decent like this young lady! at least she seems to be a normal person. fat chance in england!

  2. alan

    She admitted that it is "not a great" snap

    I disagree :) but then maybe thats just my Y chromosome

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Run girl run

    Could she please be a replacement for that twat gordon idiot

    She at least look like a fun lass


  4. Tim

    About time

    For a moment this was in danger of turning into an IT news website.

  5. Keith_C
    Paris Hilton

    Stop this filth!

    Shock pretty late-20's girl enjoying night out with mates horror.

    Anyone who claims they haven't done similar is either a) lying b) so old they can't remember that far back.

    Paris because she'll let anyone grab her funbags.

  6. GrahamT

    When Irish eyes are smiling.

    Pretty girl having fun on a night out. Not really that shocking, but I am surprised that Fine Gael still has her address and mobile number on its website.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Do you think....

    Do you think she can claim expenses on them too? ;o)

    Errrmmm.... nights out / entertaining I mean.... honest!

  8. Hans

    I probably won't be the first but . . .

    She goes down in my books as a very fine gael.

    (OK, so my poetic licence has expired, yeah, yeah!)

  9. FreeTard
    Thumb Up

    Well fit

    I am well impressed by the up and coming politicos in Dublin, lots of well fit birds.

    This cannot do her chances any harm all the same, young lads will definitely vote for her.

    Signed, a Dublin voter.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Looks like it was a fun night out!

    Now, if only our politicians were that attractive, and equipped with a to-die-for Irish accent.

  11. David S

    Shock horror?

    Politician turns out to be actual person? Golly.

    As long as she was buying her own drinks (not at the taxpayer's expense) then I don't see what the problem is.

    I really hate to sound shallow*, but I can't help feeling that British politics could stand to have a few more young people involved. Preferably young and attractive; it might help to get more people interested in more than just the sleazy headlines.

    Yeah, right.

    *Not that I'm going to let that stop me...

  12. Dennis

    She's got my vote!

    I would even turn a blind eye to her having these nights out on expenses

  13. Scott

    PR Guy

    If i was her PR guy, i'd slap a 'Vote for me!' on the bottom of the photo and get it up around town.

    She'd win in a land slide.

  14. Col
    Paris Hilton


    Would you vote for her or this set of freaks... keep an eye out for Eileen "Spidergirl" Kinnear... ;)

    Paris, since she's never allowed embarrassing pictures appear on the web without making sure they further her "career"...

  15. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Damn kids!


  16. Colin Guthrie

    I wish...

    ... a lot of things, but in this case, I wish she'd rubbished the "scandal" rather than saying it's "not a great snap", she should have just said something along the lines of "ha! Yeah that was a fun night! I wouldn't pose like that for my election photos tho! haha. Seriously, I'm in my 20s I go out with my mates and have fun and I don't think its in any way scandalous."

    People are too quick to kowtow to the fuddy-duddy baseline where as a bit of realism in politics is long overdue!

    It's the same with the dope smoking scandals really. "shock news that a politician smoked a reefer when in university" So what? So did about half the uni! (not counting the staff!) Provided they're not high as a kite when making important policy decisions, I couldn't give two figs.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    The Real Candidate

    Yes, heard about this but everyone knows there's only one real candidate running in Ireland this time (2nd story):

    Paul has stated the hat is an attempt to bring in the green vote by recycling cardboard wherever possible.

    His more recent campaign work:

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's a bit on the edge, you have to admit. I guess it depends where you work!

  19. donc
    Thumb Up


    To be honest, this picture should only increase the number of votes for her (at least from half of the population...).

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Who cares what she charges to expenses?

    Says it all really!

  21. Stuza

    Couple of nice policies....

    At last, a human being running for the people!

    Oh and, search for her on Face Book.... very funny :)

  22. Lionel Baden


    Sorry mate had facebook involved still IT related :D

  23. Anonymous Coward

    Remeber Kids.....

    The friends you snog/are groped by today will be the photos on facebook tomorrow.....

    On another note. Don't have a facebook profile if you want your private life private and remind "friends" that embarrasing pics might get you sacked, so no pics of me on your profiles please...... thanks.

  24. Righteously Indignant
    Thumb Up

    nice girl

    I sent Emma a blatantly unsolicited email asking her to move to England to replace the gibbering idiots we have 'running' (or is that ruining?) the show over here and she sent a very polite response saying she'd love to!

    She also said (and I quote) "I really don't know what all the fuss is about, my friend just tripped and fell over my bag which was lying on the ground ;)" So she has the true politicians grasp of how to answer questions honestly...

    All true democracies need more people like Miss Kiernan in my opinion. She is friendly, down to earth and obviously in touch with the people around her. (or at least the people around her are clearly in touch with her...)

    Makes me wish I was Irish so I could cast my vote!

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    ...that was a boob.

  26. Ted Treen

    And we've got....

    Margaret Beckett.


  27. Les Matthew


    "Anyone who claims they haven't done similar is either a) lying b) so old they can't remember that far back."

    Nobody has fondled my man boobs in a long time. Well, not since I didn't have them. :)

  28. Colin MacLean

    International call

    Some chap called Silvio's on the line, says you can have his post any time.

  29. E_Nigma

    The Reason People Are Outraged over This

    People are obviously upset because they weren't invited to that party.

    Seriously, the only reason why anyone outside of Ireland finds this newsworthy is that the Irish are making a fuss about it. It was obviously a night with friends, not an official event, she doesn't look drunk and she's simply having fun with her (girl)friends and making a pose for a party photo.

    Get real, people! Ninety percent of the time, when a politician breaks the law "just a little bit", the public and their party let it slide, but things like this cause an outrage. Must things be so hypocritical?

    What would be the message if her party took any action against her? "If you're not bored 24/7, you're not one of us!"?!

    P.S. Nice of The Register to supply a photo with the story. :D

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Who's her (clever) election agent?

    Disgusting, Emma brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘political party’, she obviously knows the power of viral marketing and is prepared to use any trick possible to get free her face in the media as evidenced by her willingness to have pictures of her in compromising position “leaked” to the press, she has debased the whole concept of political debate and is trying to get elected without putting forward any opinions or policies or reasoned debate of those policies. She seems to be is prepared to do anything to get elected and has dragged local politics into the gutter..

    I would have thought she would have felt more at home in Fianna Fáil

    I wonder would this approach help Mary O'Rourke or Mary Harney, these two usually elicit the same response from me as stepping in dog-poo does, how do I get rid of it without having to touch it. Come to think of it, that’s the effect 99% of Irish politicians have on me.

    Although if Emma called to my front door looking for my vote I’d be prepared to give her one.

    Paris, who also knows the upset caused by having private pictures released on the interweb

  31. Frank

    All A Misunderstanding

    She had just got back from a visit to a 'Well Woman' clinical appointment and was demonstrating one of the examination techniques to a friend. It's educational activity, nothing wrong with that.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    People joke about this

    the same way everyone joked about Schwarzenegger running in California.

    Have you seen California lately?

    Just sayin..

  33. Ozwadi Ogolugi
    Thumb Up


    She is well fit and well worth a vote or two!!

  34. Matt


    no need to be suprised - god damn she's a good looking lass. Infact, she may be the hottest politico I've ever seen! That doesn't make her any less of a politico though.

    However it's an interesting point in case as to why people don't want cctv in pubs - not that this picture was cctv but becouse normal folk do drunk things in pubs that may look a bit silly under the light of day, Gordo hugging Prescot going "I love you man, I know we've had problems but I really love you" whilst at a labour party party being leaked from cctv footage at the bar would be pretty classic.

  35. Cameron Colley

    Mixed opinion and reapeating other comments.

    On the one hand this is a great example of "the TwitMyFaceBo problem" -- where people forget that they're publishing everything to the world from the time it's posted until the time google cache and/or The Wayback Machine forget about it.

    On the other, if the photo is seen by anyone as inappropriate then they shouldn't be allowed to vote anyhow.

  36. Justabloke


    Good grief!

    What does Councillor Kinnear have on her face!!!!!

    You sir have scared me for life! hope you're happy....

  37. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    It's grim up North

    It's alright for the South! In the North the only saucy pics of politicians we ever got are of Sammy Wilson!

  38. lee harvey osmond

    breast augmentation? Pariliamentary expenses?

    Mmmm what a nice picture; I'm not eligible to vote for her in any election where she is a candidate, but yes, that's a fine piece of electioneering. I could stand to see a bit more of that on the hustings.

    But if we're still fussing about 88p for a bathplug, or a few quid for a phone bill that included internet and satellite TV and some also a dodgy movie or two .... well yes, I would feel most aggrieved about tens of thousands claimed for a mortgage that did not exist, but I'm sure I could be a lot more philosophical about a claim for Bulgarian airbags.

    Isn't it about time the Labour Party spin doctors and image consultants started reminding Ruth Kelly to look more girlie?

  39. David

    It's not a scandal anyway

    I haven't heard or seen any negative commentary in the Irish Media about her. If anything, she's likely to get loads of votes from normal individuals.

    She'll just have upset a few old fogies at her party HQ, but they'll get over it :D

  40. David

    The same party ran with this

    Just to give you an idea of what this party ran with for the Lisbon Treaty campaign :

    These appeared all over college campuses in Ireland on behalf of Young Fine Gael

    So, I doubt her party will be too shocked.

  41. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Well, if things don't work out in Ireland

    I'm sure she'd be probably get a cabinet position in the Italian government.

  42. TeeCee Gold badge

    @Ted Treen

    Thanks for that.

    Now if I can just find the "erase" button on my imagination, I might just be able to keep my lunch down.

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    The Silvio Berlusconi School of Politics

    Ah! Its nice to see the Silvio Berlusconi School of Politics has reached the Emerald Isle. Can the Mother of Parliaments be far behind? Jordan for PM!!!

  44. Anonymous Coward


    add a few smears of butter and she has my vote......for anything

  45. Andrew Fraser

    Ok, fuck Canada

    I am moving to Ireland! I wish the pollies back in Australia, or here in Canada looked half as good, and displayed at least a LITTLE bit of humanity.

    Its good to see she is an actualy person, rather than a soul-less, ugly lawyer.

    Australia lost its last hot pollie when Natasha Stott Despoja retired.

    Juila Gillard is kind of hot, in a milf way, but she has gone down hill.

    Vote 1 for hot pollies !

  46. Michael

    How come completely missed this?!!!

    We need a tribunal..

  47. Martin Silver badge

    @I wish...

    The scandal isn't the politicos smoking a joint in college - it's that the same lying b*ards then making it a class B drug the day before the scientific evidence came out in order to appeal to a few Daily Fail readers.

    If the young lady was a British politician she would be busy calling for the licencing of mobile phone cameras to 'protect the children'.

  48. Anonymous Coward

    Do not vote for her!

    Another politician clearly disconected from her voters and their needs!

    "I'm actually surprised that anyone was interested in that photograph."

    Clear sign that she hasn't got a clue what really interests her voters!

  49. Simon Harvey
    IT Angle

    Re: OK, fuck Canada

    @Andrew: Julia Gillard as a milf?! Natasha Stott Despoja as a hottie? I think being in Canada has warped you somehow :-)

    We do have one hot pollie left - a Ms. Kate Ellis, who is the Minister for Youth and Sport:

    I'm off to renew my Irish passport now, think a voting trip may be in order ...

  50. Ascylto


    Makes a change from Esther Rancid.

  51. Hans

    Street View?

    Funny how that Googlecam only pixelated two of the three faces.

    Oh, hang about, am I in the wrong thread for the Orwellian stalker discussion?

  52. Shane McCarrick

    Its a pity shes only running in the locals this time out!

    Its a pity shes only running in the local elections this time out- we really need to sweep the self serving inept shower out of the Irish Houses of the Oireachtais (Parliament) and replace them with a younger generation who are more connected to what the average person on the street is really interested in. I too e-mailed Emma, and got a friendly polite response back from her. More than I can say about the suggestions I occasionally drop into some of the other elected representatives. Newbridge Co. Kildare- you've got a good girl running- hope you do the right thing!

  53. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @ Stop this filth

    Paris has funbags?

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